Dil Ka Raaja

Dil Ka Raaja

Two brothers try to retrieve the lost glory of their king father through hard work and sincerity.

Two brothers try to retrieve the lost glory of their king father through hard work and sincerity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason R (fr) wrote: New coming actor Adam Bakri plays the title character Omar, who wishes and proclaims to be a freedom fighter in the West Bank. He climbs the walls often to visit friends, and even secretly dates his best friend's sister. This had the makings of a melodrama, which I supposed should be interpreted, because I know this is a melodramatic beauty. The story had a mixed message I personally feel. There was a lot of unanswered questions and usually that leaves room for thought. The movie was thought provoking considering we're watching torture and conflict. I was so unsure who was fighting who that I understood that I only needed Omar to be ok for the story to make sense. Director Any-Abu Assad (Paradise Now) concludes "Omar" in the same manner as "Chinatown" or "No Country For Old Men" with the message, but I feel there's more hope than the latter movies had. I cheered for Omar because I didn't find it weird that he took something like honor and loyalty to heart, so much, rather, I could see he took someone like his love Nadia to heart.

Miguel R (ru) wrote: Emotional and superbly acted by Demian Bichir, A Better Life is a heartbreaking and truly enlightening experience detailing the life of illegal immigrants!

Mayukh B (us) wrote: ?????????????????????...??????...

David D (gb) wrote: This is Sayles at his most Saylesesque: slow, intimate, environmentally and politically charged, provocative, and slow. One of my faves of his.

John C (mx) wrote: Jake Gyllenhal and Jared Leto shine in "HIGHWAY", an odd, funny and sometimes sad genre film about two runaways in search of the American Dream, even though its stye often overcompensates for its lack of content.

Jacob B (ca) wrote: This might be my inner 90's kid talking, but I enjoyed this movie, despite how juvenile it is. It's a guilty-pleasure comedy that wasn't made for adults, but for those kids who grew up in the 90's watching All That.

Daniel L (jp) wrote: Good movie, but also probably the most vague story I've ever seen. People fired for some reason; mysterious thumb drive; unknown terrible thing happening; people scared about stuff (losing their money--I got that one); secret bosses; shady deals; more people being scared. It's clearly about credit default swaps or collateralized debt obligations or subprime mortgage bundles or something like those in 2008. I guess that makes it more timeless so that it fits any financial crisis. After seeing the Big Short which relentlessly went after Wall Street for the mortgage crisis, this is a bit disappointing because of how it only explains the bad effects of their trades using the fear of rich traders and executives losing money.

Simon S (br) wrote: Filled with bad performances, poor special effects, and a cliched, unsatisfying plot that wastes a mildly interesting premise, Next represents another failed attempt at science fiction by Nicolas Cage.