Dil Ka Rishta

Dil Ka Rishta

Wealthy Jai Mehta is a young man with a heart that has gold. He supports many charitable organizations in India and one day when he visits a deaf and dumb school, he falls in love with the teacher there, Tia Sharma, expresses his love to her and is openly humiliated when she introduces her fiancé, Raj. Soon after Raj and Tia gets married and are proud parents of a baby boy, Anshu. A heart broken Jai takes to alcohol and one night under the influence of alcohol, Jai's car collide with Raj and Tia's car mysteriously killing Raj and seriously injuring Tia about the head. Tia is treated by doctor, recovers but is unable to remember anything from her troubled past. Jai makes it his responsibility to take care of her, slowly she falls in love with him and proposes marriage. But will this marriage takes place or will Tia remembers her past and takes revenge from Jai for the death of her husband and for her current condition

Wealthy Jai Mehta is a young man with a heart that has gold. He supports many charitable organizations in India and one day when he visits a deaf and dumb school, he falls in love with the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dillon L (ca) wrote: really enjoyed learning his life

BigMoneyBruce (de) wrote: A 1/2 Japanese 1/2 american movie, some parts just don't translate well. The concept is very unoriginal. It tries to have a twist to the plot but really ends up predictable. Their are some ok fights and some shooting but nothing amazing or even memorable.

Jamie B (nl) wrote: They should make another, the"3yrs" later.

Nicholas N (es) wrote: yeah not as good as i wanted it to be. the special effects were not so good. the actions that the characters take dont make sense b/c they go into the lake time and time again. there was one sweet scene though :) so ill give it an extra half star. wouldnt watch it again and im pretty pissed i bought the dvd.

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Remi L (us) wrote: An incredibly infuriating and saddening plight of a homeless child escalating into a violent hostage situation over a decade later. Bus 174 is a documentary about Sandro do Nascimento, a homeless man raised on the streets of Rio who attempts to rob a bus, but when things go awry, he holds the passengers hostage for four hours while surrounded by the local police, SWAT, several bystanders and a large flock of Brazilian media.I won't lie, this documentary left me angry and sad and also beside myself. While what Sandro did was clearly wrong, its hard reconciling it with the fact that society had a hand in making him who he was. Very few members of his society had an interest in rehabilitating him, sheltering him or trying to improve his way of life. He was basically kicked from one place to another, and that's when he wasn't being harassed or assaulted by the local authorities. Granted he lived a life of crime, what alternative did he have: lay in a corner and starve to death?My hats off to Jose Padilha and Felipe Lacerda for introducing this into the international film library and the world's consciousness. It shows that poverty is definitely a big factor in street crime and violence. Hopefully this film with its well-deserved successes sparked a debate at least amongst Sandro's fellow Brazilians to address the scores of homeless children living amongst them.

Mike S (kr) wrote: Solid, creepy and very well acted (McKellen as always), but overall not the most satisfying film. It was dark, but didn't quite find the balance between the scenes between Todd and Kurt, and Todds outside life. As a result, the supporting characters don't support the film enough.

Pauline T (nl) wrote: I loved the music in this film ....

Scott C (ag) wrote: The original was a lot better.

Ben J (ca) wrote: Not the most memorable film I have seen, however the constant saturation of sophisticated special effects (for the time) and the fads of the time that were haphazardly included in the screenplay seems to draw one in for the sheer kitsch value.However, despite the esteemed cast, not one of the actors on this film could have rescued the abysmal script. The lines are stilted and unnatural for the dire situation the characters are in, and almost every character seems disinterested and bored. The impromptu trumpet dance scene with Barbara Eden and Frankie Avalon has no relevance or meaning whatsoever to the story.Things became a tad off kilter in the underwater scene with the obviously fake sea creatures such as a propellor-propelled swordfish and a foam squid. Afterwards, people become ill and lenghty monologues about life and the end of the world ensue.A somewhat forgettable sequence in an underwater minefield comes next, in which the most memorable thing aside from the blank, bored characters was when I spilt my can of soft drink.However, like 'Mommie Dearest' or 'Giant Spider Invasion', I couldn't stop watching due to the unintentional humor and dreary plot twists. From that aspect it was watchable, even entertaining. Even the obvious scientific error of 'skyfire' in space posing a threat to earth became laughable after a while.Despite the stilted acting, the dreary script, the factual errors, the laughable special effects and the irritating sound effects, the mediocrity of the movie makes it worth watching, however not repeatedly. No one should have to do that.

Clay B (au) wrote: BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (1955)

Ilsa L (us) wrote: Bette Davis is utterly captivating as Charlotte Vale in this powerful story.

Farah R (mx) wrote: The one major flaw of this romantic comedy is its predictability. It's easy to foresee the ending half an hour into the movie. And Zac Efron is probably the worst choice for his role or perhaps any other role he's ever landed.