Dil-Ki-Rani (Sweet-Heart)

Dil-Ki-Rani (Sweet-Heart)

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Dil-Ki-Rani (Sweet-Heart) torrent reviews

Frank L (ag) wrote: At least the turned culled off the weak and useless.

Dsire S (es) wrote: Very slow. There are some cute moments, but they could be summed up in 10 minutes.

Bruce W (de) wrote: good film I wish flixter would let us watch them

Anna S (au) wrote: A really good ghost movie. Not the "usual" type.

Alejandra G (it) wrote: i am so stressed i want to throw up. this by the way is a very absurd remark to the amount of reality this movie is about. i just have no words

Stacey J (gb) wrote: Wow. I can't believe in a democratic society this type of discrimination is still going on (and allowed to go on). This will change your perspective of the American political system.

Tanya P (it) wrote: this movie is one of the best i ever seen! cant wait to get it back just so i can watch again

Jason W (jp) wrote: I saw this movie on Showtime this morning. I dont think this was ever released.........it may have but in a limited showing. Overall I loved this movie for many reasons. For one the comedy in this was great. I cant think of another movie that i would classify as a guy romantic comedy. The whole screenplay in this was really weird instead of a group of women complaining about men for an hour and half we have a group of 4 guys talking about guy things. I would definently not recommend this movie if you going to view it with your girl just because their is some "extreme" guy humor if you know what i mean. Overall a good view and definently worth your time.

Lyn S (it) wrote: Very underrated... not bad and hilarious

aaron w (de) wrote: Mad Max is my favorite movie series. Although this isn't the best movie in the series it's still amazing. And made with only 300,000 dollars!!!!

Douglas C (es) wrote: Chris Lee , Andrew Kier , Barbara Shelley

Shawn S (de) wrote: This is not particularly funny and it's not as creative or interesting as its predecessor. It also has some poor special effects and sub-par writing.That said, it's not completely charmless and the cast is great.

Emily D (kr) wrote: I like how the plot didn't divert by other potential distractions within the story of Philomena and Anthony. It was tempting, I'm sure, to explore Martin Sixsmith's character further, to get into his personal life a little more. Diving into Philomena's own love life or relationship with her daughter was probably equally luring, but I think the movie was stronger for avoiding those unnecessary plot lines. Although the story moved slowly it didn't feel slow. It was honest, not flashy; the script allowed the characters to move within the circumstances as was true to them without pushing an agenda. A message was, nevertheless, communicated and I appreciated that it was done so without a spoon. Ultimately, I think it is a story of one woman's journey of faith and forgiveness, which for Philomena Lee go hand in hand.

Lauren S (br) wrote: Another interesting documentary that explores the sex industry and the women that work in it. The production and post production were definitely in need of some help. The quality was pretty bad.

Greg H (au) wrote: Add it to the list of dumb movies for dummies about brilliant people - Phenomena, Good Will Hunting, A Beautiful Mind, etc. Average and unremarkable from the word go. A waste of a top notch cast. Musical score is especially dreadful.