Dilli Ka Thug

Dilli Ka Thug

Kishore is a conman who has little respect for the rich. He learns that the person responsible for his friend's death is the same who led to his own father's death. He swears to bring him to justice.

A thug from Delhi is accused of killing a young boy in Bombay. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dilli Ka Thug torrent reviews

Ulises R (ca) wrote: Absolutely boring. Trailer seemed promising, but the movie never takes off.

Pranav K (mx) wrote: not bad; reminiscent of other filims like Jism and Race, but overall an average-to-decent thriller

Katy R (es) wrote: It had a good story and plenty of blood. But it should be remade...

Maurice A (ru) wrote: good action and funny, anthony wong chau-sang is good in anything!!

Matthew H (au) wrote: Firewall has a good plot and acting, but the story is very cliched and nonsensical at times to achieve what the movie intended. The writing also could've been improved.

Jennifer D (ca) wrote: Agreed, outstanding performances. A romantic tragedy that is comparable to Sid and Nancey.

Abbie P (jp) wrote: Predictable and uses that classic guy-uses-stalker-tactics-to-get-the-girl trope. It must have had something going for it though - it did keep me watching until the end.