The Police Commissioner, Advocate Sinha and Police Inspector Vikram Singh arrive at the Central Mental Hospital to speak with an inmate, Arun Saxena. They hope to get Vikram to befriend Arun so that they could unravel the mystery as to why Arun ended up romancing wealthy Sapna, then getting involved with Jyoti, and subsequently killing her. Arun is arrested, confesses to the the homicide and is sentenced to be hanged. This news unsettles Arun to such an extend that he becomes mentally unstable and is institutionalized. Vikram hopes to befriend Arun, get him cured and medically discharged, and ensure that he is hanged.

The Police Commissioner, Advocate Sinha and Police Inspector Vikram Singh arrive at the Central Mental Hospital to speak with an inmate, Arun Saxena. They hope to get Vikram to befriend ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dilwale torrent reviews

Ethan A (fr) wrote: Sweet,really good movie

Coxxie M (de) wrote: not a happy film. not a terrible one either. but it does have a cop with a big moustache and a gun that he never uses. people have flashy show-offy names and speak words that don't make a lick of sense. i don't know. i wish they could just speak american. if i made this movie there would be more shooting and he would have a shiny golden gun but it would have fuzzy pink dice hanging from the bottom to symbolize his masculinity in a time of conflict and consequently his need for eliminating figures who threaten his character in turn threatens his own sanity while stimulating his ego... err umm i mean i would get him to fuck that blond chick and shoot guys with his fuzzy dice gun at the same time and they would be covered in foreign blood after fucking and it would be sweet and win some non-american awards or something.

Perrine B (gb) wrote: Au detour des ruelles de Sao Paulo, on nous invite a suivre le quotidien deCleuza, femme de menage enceinte, et de ses 4 fils, tous nes de peredifferent. Denis est deja un paume de la vie : livreur en mobylettetoujours a court d argent et flirtant avec de nombreuses demoiselles alorsqu il est deja lui-meme papa d un jeune garon. Dinho s est tourne vers lareligion et travaille dans une station essence. Dario est celui sur lequeltous les espoirs reposent : il sera peut-etre la prochaine star de footballdu Bresil. Reginaldo est le plus jeune mais pas le plus calme : il estimpertinent, fait l ecole buissoniere et est obsede par le fait deretrouver son pere, chauffeur de bus de la capitale.Nous voici donc dans le Br (C)sil sale . Celui ou la famille est un tout etou il faut rester uni pour pouvoir s en sortir. Celui ou les petitslogements conviennent pour toute la smala et ou chaque source de revenu estgardee jalousement. Chacun ici aura ses espoirs, ses deceptions, sesmoments de joies, et ses epreuves a passer. Comment Cleuza va-t-elleassumer un cinquieme enfant ? Denis va-t-il eviter son ascension dans ladelinquance ? Dinho gardera-t-il sa foi intacte ? Dario saura-t-il faireface aux prodiges du foot plus jeunes que lui (15 ans!) et donc plusbankables ? Comment va evoluer Reginaldo ? Une fin ouverte sur chaquedestin qui laisse la voie a toutes les possibilites

Chris A (ca) wrote: Funny-ass tapestry of the joys and pains of love relationships...a lo boricua! Film is composed of several short stories, none of them related except for a common theme: el amor.

Alex T (de) wrote: It's not a classic, but it is a disposal American comedy with some genuine laughs. Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis good value.

Teshia M (it) wrote: You can't protect you family from everything. This movie will be confusing unless you pay real good attention to it.

Jonathan S (br) wrote: I feel a little weird giving this one three stars. I can understand why people hate it. I hated the first 20 minutes of it, and was fairly close to giving up. I'm actually glad I didn't. The main thing it has going for it is how realistic it is. The characters are never really put in situations where they want to talk about their challenges and failures frankly. We only ever see the brave faces they put on for each other. But you can read a lot of the characters' inner life off of these brave faces. Bujalski succeeds in going for an extreme version of showing and not telling.

Carlos M (au) wrote: A slow-burning Kubrickian exploration of extramarital sexual desire and jealousy full of symbolism, and it throws us together with the characters in a nightmarish odyssey highlighted by a terrific game of colors using blue and red to suggest menace and unconscious sex impulses.

Carrie H (gb) wrote: The cane toads are comin'. The cane toads are comin'. Aah, great film. Completely degrading to the Australians, but amazing.

Richard B (fr) wrote: This film was another one of Woody Allen's autobiographical films and I liked it quite a bit. The film doesn't have just one story and some of the side stories don't even really fit in that well, but it somehow all still works. I actually liked a lot of the little side stories more than the main family's stories. The cast is really solid and there are a ton of famous people who do little cameos in this as well and that added to it. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this film and checked off another Woody Allen film off my list.

Tedmund C (br) wrote: Decent cross-over chambara flick--Yojimbo even has a love interest in this one.

Cameron F (us) wrote: Siblings must confront their dysfunctional past in another familiar movie about life's obstacles.

Alain G (fr) wrote: Moaventog, ongeveer 10 minuten gekeken en afgezet. Wat een kl....film...

Nicolas M (kr) wrote: Entre vaudeville et burlesque teint (C) d'humour anglais avec un Peter Sellers parfait en psy compltement d (C)jant (C).

jon r (nl) wrote: daniel radclife is awesome in the movie so and other actors

Jacob D (kr) wrote: My personal favorite Argento film, with an incredible cast, ghastly murders, and wonderful brooding score by GOBLIN.