Loneliness and regret encompass a small neighborhood in Chicago, and its residents will do anything to change their lives. Under divine circumstances, they are given their wish. Dimension follows the tragic tale of Chance Pullman, and the way in which his own troubled past comes to affect and change the lives of those who come into contact with him. A reminder of how the littlest things often have the biggest consequences, Chance provides strangers and close friends with the opportunity to completely alter their life, but with one limitation: They can only change exactly three inches about themselves.

God gives the owner of a small neighborhood hardware store in Chicago the task of altering his customers' lives by the dimension of three inches - in any manner they desire. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graham F (it) wrote: Hilarious rom com with Cropsey, a bumbling but lovable character who can never quite 'get the girl', or can he?

Philip N (it) wrote: It had it's moments.

Scott H (us) wrote: One of the worst horror films ever. It makes My Bloody Valentine looks credible.

rocknblues 8 (gb) wrote: Boring Thriller that never bothers to thrill. No reason to any further. Pretty decent actors just totally wasted on a boring and predictable script.3/10

Thomas K (mx) wrote: Catherine Deneuve is a sensation in surrealist Bunuel's "hooker by day" classic. It's one of those films you'll either love or hate, and I kind of like that.

Alejandro S (ru) wrote: Me gustaria darle mas, pero hay varias fallas en el argumento y ritmo de la pelicula que hicieron que no me gustara tanto como hubiera querido. En ese sentido, es mejor Thunderbird 6.

Orlok W (us) wrote: Goodnight Saigon ... Farewell Moral Values--Praise for an overlooked and fine film!!

evan a (jp) wrote: No movie will ever live up to back to the future or its trilogy it is just so well written and portrayed you cant beat it. Definitely a must see

Nguyen Thuy H (us) wrote: Magnificent Obsession, unlike other Sirk films, is less of a social critique and more of a self-reflexive statement from the magnificent director. Yet, in philosophical terms, Sirk is as sound as ever: the film is as faux-feminist as anything that you could ever expect from him.

Ane B (it) wrote: This is easily one of the best, if not the best anti-war film I've seen. At the very least, it's the best anti-war film set in the first world war, an era I still feel is not explored enough through film.Now, I've only seen a small portion of Stanley Kubrick's films years ago and never actually knew why he is such a highly regarded film director. Now I know better. The film is beautifully shot with the battlefield scenes being a particular highlight, only a true artist of film could've made a film that holds up so well. Not to mention the dialogue itself is masterfully done and executed extremely well by the cast including veteran actors such as Kirk Douglas, George Macready and Adolphe Menjou. I wont say the film doesn't have it's issues, because there are some minor ones, but not something that would ruin the experience or the film itself. I will only say that at the beginning I had a bit of a problem with the French being portrayed by Americans with an American accent, but the story, the performance and the pace of the film have completely immersed me in the film, that it was almost unnoticeable by the tenth minute mark.It's a thought-provoking anti-war film as it should be. It shows the disgustingness of war with brutal honesty, where foot soldiers aren't really being thought of or even treated as human beings, but rather being treated as a simple expendable number. It really sticks with you and kind of makes you sick that something like this actually existed and by all means still exists to this day.