Dinner with Friends

Dinner with Friends

A husband and wife reevaluate their marriage after their closest friends, another couple decide to split up after twelve years.

A husband and wife reevaluate their marriage after their closest friends, another couple decide to split up after twelve years. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mudit G (mx) wrote: Had to leave in less than 20 minutes. No story.

Christopher M (ag) wrote: Gr8 flick, even for non-cricket fanatics like me.

Bill A (ru) wrote: Starts off a bit boring, but ends up a bit interesting. I'd probably get along well with the sisters.

Aaron K (ru) wrote: Being European I had never heard of these guys. However this film is a damming indictment of the American Justice system, which is still killing the poor and huddled masses.

Felix B (es) wrote: Far from Gondry's best work - yet the film does not pretend to be anything other than what it is: fun, pleasing, and strangely reminiscent of our growing DVD culture.

Steve S (au) wrote: **1/2 (out of four) A disturbing and well meaning film about two students who decide that they are going out in a blaze of glory. They make a suicide pact with each other. On the last day of school they decide to enter the school and start shooting, taking as many students as they can with them. Obviously inspired by the Columubine shootings, the film, unfortunately, doesn't quite rise above the fair script. It pales in comparison to the Gus Van Sant film, "Elephant."

Liam F (gb) wrote: Just a truly bizzare film about communication while very funny in sections, boring during others. Generic ending to review

Allan C (de) wrote: This post apocalyptic, sci-fi retelling of "Casablanca" (with Pamela Anderson in the Humphrey Bogart role) definitely could have been a fun campy popcorn flick, but Anderson is so wooden that she drains any fun out of her role. Anderson seems only seems capable of posing and looking the part of a grossly disproportioned comic book heroine. She does certainly look the part, but that doesn't make up for the films many other faults. I would note that she's not the only one to blame for what went wrong with this film. Garish costumes, set design and photography, along with direction that's more focused on weak MTV stylistics than actually developing scenes, character or story. However, in the plus column, there's a good supporting cast of familiar character actors, including Udo Kier, Tiny Lister, Steve Railsback, Xander Berkeley (in the Claude Raines role) and Clint Howard (in the Peter Lorre role). Berkeley, Kier and Temuera Morrison (in the Paul Henrid role) do strike the right tone for the film, but unfortunately no one else seems to get it. But the biggest plus for the film, which really showed that the film had potential, is the story premiss of a post apocalyptic Casablanca with a female Rick Blain. The script is actually decent and the film definitely had potential, but Anderson and a ham handed production make it just a mess and into a nearly unwatchable film.

Paul Z (ag) wrote: Discerning Northern Irish actor Kenneth Branagh and the beautiful, brilliant Emma Thompson met and presumably fell in love here, as they play bohemian British newlyweds Guy and Harriet Pringle who arrive in Bucharest, as does the slothful, flat broke Prince Yakimov, who takes up an ad hoc job as a photojournalist of sorts on a British paper to save himself from total indigence. Harriet is introduced to her fellow expatriates, but their happy life is disjoined by the assassination of Romania's prime minister and Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland. Gossip murmurs of a German invasion of Romania and Guy, mentally consumed all the same in his work and arranging civil occasions, is gaulled by his Communism (no pun intended) to take peripheral measures to take care of the family of a Jewish student of his from the anti-Semitic Romanian regime. Although this premise sounds as if it gains momentum and grows more and more exciting, it decidedly does not.Almost reminiscent of the Jean Renoir film Grand Illusion, Fortunes of War shows a group of people segueing through meetings with different cultures, a war raging on around them but not bothering them any more than some other long-term struggle. But unlike Grand Illusion, the conflicts between the characters are unrelated to the war. It is only one of the dominoes that instigates the many things they do, mainly because they, calm and collected, take refuge in their culture, which remains impervious to the effects all the other ones seem to try to impose upon them through each of these seven one-hour episodes. We watch Guy's lofty devotion to make a difference and boost morale from within. Histrionics mature, decelerate or sustain between the couple and those who come and go from their lives, and we start to care about most of them. With this apposing of following the Pringles subjectively and impartially observing their affiliates, we see how fearful daily life could be with the consistent foreboding of war, but how it isn't. We contemplate Guy with his wife as he preoccupies himself with good intentions towards so many, yet at her exasperated cost, and we want to rattle him out of his cerebrum for a breather in her heart.In seven hours, the story goes through no significant mood swings, nor any real climax, even in the final episode. But that's just how all of its characters feel about it. Life just goes on, and on and on. Characters latch on, decisions are made, people come and go. My favorite part is when Pinkrose finally gets to give his lecture on Lord Byron.

Cory T (de) wrote: Like most propulsive action pictures, the sordidly jaunty 'Maniac Cop 2' starts with an in media action extravaganza that recaps the first film and it barrels forward with a brute-force velocity that totally supersedes its ignoble predecessor. From the onset, the cinematography is more burnished with the camera gliding through a squad car graveyard until it lands on Matt Cordell's (Robert Z'Dar) phantom mode of transportation. A morbid monologue from a blind newsstand proprietor is a shrewdly written deduction for psychologist Susan Riley's (Claudia Christian) investigation. Bar none, the stuntwork is not feigned and action junkies can rejoice at their balletic resilience (ex. In an unbroken shot, a felon vaults out of a fire escape and onto the roof of a van before rolling onto the asphalt). A car chase with a taxicab on its rims is a humdinger and then it's followed with an even more nail-biting scene with Christian handcuffed to the steering column of a car in neutral. In the tradition of Janet Leigh, loose-end protagonists are slain within the first quarter. Robert Davi is his flinty best and Leo Rossi (with the bearded simulacrum of a deadly Grizzly Adams) is rabidly teeth-gnashing as the serial killer Turkell. Turkell's misalliance with Cordell is akin to the loquacious weasel Buscemi and the tacit psychopath Stormare in 'Fargo'. Somehow a zombie Cordell nonchalantly shambling through door frames in a precinct shootout is fodder for a dynamic action sequence. In quintessential slasher movie fashion, a Molotov cocktail can't stymie Cordell's spree and his flame-engulfed rampage through Sing Sing is utterly dazzling. No delusions of loftiness here; 'Maniac Cop 2' is a rarefied sequel that simply sizzles above the ashes of the original.

Frank C (fr) wrote: I've seen thousands of bad movies - and loved them - but this ranks among the worst. I mean, Uzis on the Moon? Some of the worst dialogue I've ever heard, too. At one point, a character says "This is like the kind of junk my kid watches on Saturday morning TV!" - I assume he was describing the movie. Fun in a no-brainer way I suppose, and it has the saving grace of Bruce Campbell and his chin.

Zade T (jp) wrote: Well acted but the script was quite uneven.

Loren R (ca) wrote: Was der erste Teil mit berraschungen wett gemacht hat, erschrickt man sich im zweiten Teil nur noch! Die Effekte sind billiger geworden und die Geschichte wiederholt sich. Man hat den Rest vom ersten Teil nur wieder aufkochen lassen. Die Story ist ja nicht schlecht, aber der Schluss ist absoluter Trash geworden. Das hat den ganzen Film wieder komplett versaut!

Noname (ag) wrote: A drama movie about soldiers returning home from the war in Iraq and they get some problem to live their normal life after that. Some famous faces in this one like Samuel L Jackson and J. Biel. Its a decent movie with some war the 20 first minutes and a bit slower after that but not to long movie so i thought it was okey.

Scott R (de) wrote: Feel good story about an educated woman going to wales. She then educates miners despite the class barrier.

Shane D (it) wrote: Bateman is always a treat to watch and this is one of his better turns. It's a little messy overall, but there's enough good stuff here for it to be ultimately worth your time.

Sophie W (de) wrote: This is possibly one of my favourite movies ever! I'm surprised it hasn't got more positive reviews! Anne Hathaway wasn't that good as Jane, but James McAvoy's performance was superb. The ending will have you in tears, if not that then other moments of the film will do

Mark A (it) wrote: Christ this film was shit. What a waste of 2hrs.

Steve H (fr) wrote: What a let down! I thought this was a great idea but all it is is a series of people being interviewed for a week after they have died. And they just sit at a boring table in a boring room with a boring interviewer. There's no imagination about anything except the great idea in the first place. Where's the tension? Where's the fire? Why doesn't anyone ask where they move on to next? Where is this building? Why don't they just leave? Why didn't they make a better film? Why do so many people like this? Are they on drugs? LOL