Dino King

Dino King

The story is set 70 million years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the Korean Peninsula the same way they ruled the rest of the earth. Spotty is a curious and playful Tarbosaurus child, and along with his mother and siblings, he lives happily in the forest. One day the cunning One-eye, an older Tyrannosaur looking for a new home, attacks Spotty’s herd and separates Spotty from his family. Alone, he befriends another lost girl Tarbosaur who becomes his friend and constant companion for two decades and the mother of his own children. But Spotty’s troubles with One-eye are not over, and revenge, death, fear, and sadness are all in Spotty’s future―as is happiness and hope.

70 million years ago dinosaurs ruled the Korean Peninsula the same way they ruled the rest of the earth. At that time the part of the land now known as Jeonnam Yeosu was the forest habitat ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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