Set in Miami, a dancer arrives from Caracas determined to make her name as a film director.

Adriana, a dancer from Caracas, arrives in Miami with her camera and a dream of becoming a famous film director. Answering an add, she is hired by French Producers, JR and his unstable ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zade R (ca) wrote: Am i the only guy who liked this movie?

brittney g (gb) wrote: so not a Nickelodeon kids movie. there's the word "BITCH" used a few times, boob touching and a pirate chicken humping a car. shooting, not to mention kids mom dressed like a slut Brittney spears school girl dating a 23 year old drinking at a party being a careless mother to take Care of her kids . kids dressed in sexy costumes (sexy kitten with tits popping out) great example setting. drinking and sexing also naked men running around. would not recommend for families to watch with kids.

Kathleen R (br) wrote: Underrated, almost completely unknown hard science fiction, in the vein of "The Martian," but darker and probably more real, at least in terms of the psychological drama. I never expected to hear Eliot's "Little Gidding" quoted in a space movie, but it fits beautifully; there's something both reverent and deeply humanist about the filmmaker's approach. Khary Payton is almost continually on screen throughout the film, moving through a universe of human emotions in the tiny space to which his character is confined for years, and I for one hope to see more of him in the future.

Adam S (mx) wrote: A young Iranian boy scrimps and scams his way onto a bus to see his favorite soccer team play in the big city of Tehran, but seeing the game becomes just as hard as getting to the game, in this memorable first film by Abbas Kiarostami. In beautiful black and white, Kiarostami echoes the Italian Neo-realist films of the 40's, and there's no denying that the boy's determination has a similar doomed aura to it as the desperate man searching for his stolen bike in "Bicycle Thieves", but there's also a playful childlike quality that lends itself to comparisons with "The 400 Blows" as well. A final dream sequence, rare for Kiarostami, and Neo-realism, is haunting and frightening, and literally represents the end of this boy's innocence.

Joey T (mx) wrote: It isn't much in the way of character development or themes, but A Town Called Panic's charming animation style, brisk pacing, and amazing sense of humor make it a joy to watch from start to finish. It is bizarre and strange, but if you are willing to give into its strangeness, it'll be hard to wipe the smile off your face. If you're looking for something different, definitely check it out.

Zoran S (ag) wrote: This is a pretty fascinating documentary about Henry Darger who lived a live devoted mainly to his fantasies and writing a giant novel. However, I am not sure why Dakota Fanning narrates this which, given Darger's obsession with little girls, creeped me out.

Anthony B (ca) wrote: Greg Focker lives in Chicago with his girlfriend Pamela who he wants to get married to. Greg is a male nurse. Throughout the movie, this makes him receive much scrutiny. Pamela is a school teacher. Greg wants to propose to Pamela, but realizes that he needs to ask for her father's permission. Greg is instantly disliked by Jack, Pamela's father. Jack has a circle of trust, and Greg is not in it with the rest of the family. Pamela's whole family is very successful professional people and Jack does not think that Greg fits in. Greg keeps getting into more and more trouble the whole time he is there, ruining events and other planned occasions until him and Pamela are basically broken up. Her whole family thinks that he is a very unsuitable husband, thinking that he cannot be trusted to take care of her properly financially and emotionally. It took a lot of time, but in the end, jack finally excepts Greg into the family and the Circle of trust. Meet the Parents is a classic family comedy that shows the difficulties of in-law relationships. It is worth the watch

Joe B (br) wrote: Good movie! George Cloonley's acting was exceptional. Overall the acting in this movie was impressive. I didn't really like the premise. It also was boring for the first hour. I liked the use of the flashforward in the beginning of the movie. I thought this movie was original. I will probally watch this movie again to understand the movie completely.

Aaron C (kr) wrote: A witty beautifully-shot existentialist case study of humanity's tenuous grip on life's struggles and tenacity in coping with sensational losses.