Dirty Bent Bastards

Dirty Bent Bastards

A group of gay London gangsters get even on a homophobic thug in the most ruthless way.

A group of gay London gangsters get even on a homophobic thug in the most ruthless way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shireen Hakim R (ag) wrote: The critics' reviews are way too high. But it was good; an honest portrayal of teenage life rather than the typical superficial high school movies.

Yoshi S (kr) wrote: Bravo! I loved it! It was funny, touching and wonderful true story! their very mismatch friendship was fantastic! Francois Cluzet (Tell No One) did great performance! First he didn't move! and he was really calmed and fantastic! Omar Sy was really wild, crazy and wonderful! Ending was very heart warming and touching... I love French movies! and only 2 hours I was in Paris! Merci! and why American movies are not like this?!

YK G (br) wrote: Fraser playing stupid still works.

Matt H (ca) wrote: Ugh, everything I'd assume to dislike about France and French people. Delpy's character is kind of insane, and the problem is as the writer/director, Delpy is expecting the audience to identify with Marion (I think so anyway) when she's pretty crazy.

Andy L (kr) wrote: A bit dated and cheesy. But Walken is superb, if a little restrained.

Emily P (au) wrote: A little boring, nice music, mind-provoking concept, the only major minus is that the main protagonists die very slowly...

Jason C (gb) wrote: not great, but not awful

Noah C (es) wrote: Dark, moody, suspense horror. Great use of sound and music in establishing a sense of dread. This film deserves more attention than it receives.

Simon G (us) wrote: A tasty movie! Great entertainment

Phillie E (es) wrote: Rauchy and dumb at times, but Vaughn and Wilson are a good comedy duo.

Francois D (us) wrote: It's a mediocre entry in the genre of the sci-fi movie but it does bring some interesting ideas to the table. It's worth watching one time.

Lee A (jp) wrote: Another great Batman story! I really like this animation over Bruce Timm's (that being said I love Bruce Timm's work too).

Bobby D (nl) wrote: All in all pretty good. One of the better "old" John Wayne films. The fun element of this film set in 1909 was highlighting the differences in technology from the old days of six shooters and horses to one of Waynes son's riding a motor cycle and rifles with telescopic sights. Some weak direction in parts and lack of overall use of a really good cast. Still it was a good yarn.