A family driving through Nevada decides to take some snapshots at an out-of-the-way ghost town named Weaver, and horrible things start happening.

A family driving through Nevada decides to take some snapshots at an out-of-the-way ghost town named Weaver, and horrible things start happening. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Disappearance torrent reviews

Gareth M (br) wrote: Didn't like the manager, which tainted the against the odds story.

Ryan L (gb) wrote: although the acting was questionable and some of the dialogue was barely passable, I enjoyed this movie a lot due to its fine directing, very intense and suspenseful scenes, and it's restraint from becoming full torture porn. it has the potential to be a good guilty pleasure movie, but some of the unbearable dialogue and Sasha Grey's ridiculous performance, it doesn't quite reach the level of greatness. passable and enjoyable. 6.7/10

Gregg C (de) wrote: Nothing to see here. Move along....

Victoria S (au) wrote: So cute. Absolutely beautiful!

Ivan H (ag) wrote: Una de las pocas pelculas peruanas que podra recomendar para sentirme orgulloso que en mi pas se hacen bien las cosas.

Javier V (ru) wrote: Buena. No puedo decir que me encanto porque no lo hizo, sin embargo se me hizo super interesante el hecho de reflejar a aquellas personas que no sienten emocion por la vida. De una u otra forma me senti muy identificado con los personajes en el sentido de jamas tener nada que decir, pese que haya mucho. Muy rica en ese sentido, en la perdida de la capacidad de asombro. Creo que si fue muy incomoda por la relacion de ambos personajes, pero tan real que se las compro.La fotografia tuvo momentos interesantones, pero nada espectacular para mi gusto. Muy simple.El elemento de la viejita que no recuerdo su nombre, la duea del negocio de uniformes, me parecio bastante atinado para darle un poco de agilidad a la trama, aunque pudo ser innecesario, su funcion fue esa.Buena, aunque nada espectacular.

Isabelly Cristina C (ca) wrote: Por me this movie will be remembered forever because at the same time has cenar strong , a lot of action and violence , but at the same time brings to fight an army of only 300 Spartan men who fought bravely against the domination of their lands for thousands of Persians that despite acabarrem dying, they became heroes . The movie was amazing because of the visual and sound effects that made the very real battles and lead us to the time that the story takes place.I love!

Emily W (ca) wrote: A hypnotically honest look at what caused one man to push himself to the brink of death in order to live.

Brooke M (gb) wrote: This movie had some interesting parts, it wasn't by any means a good film, but I laughed pretty heartily at some situations. They were onto something good with this movie, but it was executed poorly. The ending didn't even seem to fit.

Kimberly S (jp) wrote: Sad yet also very sweet slice of life.

Mary S (fr) wrote: enjoyed the dancing, acting was fine, story ok.

Matt C (mx) wrote: An alright sequel. Copycat plot of the first.

Hele A (mx) wrote: o ator mais lindo !!! fora isso, penso que um dos melhores filmes sobre frankstein

Jamey B (nl) wrote: Amazing. Just amazing. A great and sad movie.

Omar G (jp) wrote: I saw this movie ages ago, when a I was a teeneager. I want to see it again. From what I remember, a great revenge tale.

Allan C (ca) wrote: I'm not at all a Richard Gere fan and for that reason I've stayed away from this film. However, I've been a longtime fan of writer/director Paul Schrader and I've been lately checking out the music of Giorgio Moroder, who did the music for this film, so I finally broke down and watched this film and was quite taken with it. Schrader tends towards the seedy underbelly of society in his films and this one is no exception. Here Schrader follows high priced male prostitute, Gere, as he provides her services for a variety of ladies. When Gere has one "rough trick" he end up being accused of murder by the police and that's the hook to see how Gere moves through high society, political interests, 80s leather bars, rich fetishists, along with lowlife pimps and drug dealers. Besides the social commentary on wealth, power and control, the element I found most interesting was Gere's slow realization that he's a shallow low life who's not the in control guy who he thought he was. I'm not sure if it's the acting or the writing, but Gere seems dominated by the characters around in through most of the film, whether it's his latest client, the gorgeous Lauren Hutton, or the police detective, Hector Elizondo in one of his best roles, or an ex-pimp of Gere's, Bill Duke with hair. You even get Frank Pesce as Suspect #4 in a line-up scene. An element of a lot of Schrader films, like "Taxi Driver" or "Hardcore" is the subculture element, where the audience is taken into a strange foreign world lurking below the otherwise squeaky clean California image. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, with a nice synthesizer score by Giorgio Moroder and glossy neon 80s photography by John Bailey, this film is a real classic (despite my dislike of Gere).

Roland B (ca) wrote: Good file. Interesting view on a part of WW II that does not get much exposure. Also watch out for the juxtapositioning of quite serious war crimes (torture and mass prisoner execution) with big screen romance!

Ryan K (gb) wrote: Only Angels Have Wings is a pretty good movie. It has some well done action, the romance is ok i never got into it and the drama was pretty good. It wasn't the best I have seen but it wasn't bad. It could have been more engaging and honestly his is Cary Grant's meh role. I never cared for Grant's character and it wasn't a stand out role. This movie isn't bad but it wasn't the best classic I have seen.

Andy G (de) wrote: The dystopian themes of Fahrenheit 451 and The Giver, mixed with the look and feel of the Matrix and Blade Runner? What's not to like? Well, okay, it's not that simple. While it does take elements from a variety of successful sci-fi stories, and pulls them off fairly well, something about the movie still feels pretty thin. I do think Christian Bale does a good job portraying the discovery of emotions, as well as the stoic closing off of emotions at the same time as well. It just doesn't feel like they do enough with the characters or story for the audience to care all that much, which ultimately leads to the ending having less of an impact than it could have been. It's a decent movie and good for a single watch for fans of dystopian themes, but not quite good enough to convince me to buy it.Personal Grade: ATechnical Score: 70%

Ben L (de) wrote: So this is what a romantic comedy was like in the 1930s. What we have here is the story of a young heiress (played by Claudette Colbert) who is frustrated with her overbearing father, and his threats to have her new marriage annulled. So she hops on a bus to go be with her husband. On the bus she meets a reporter (played by Clark Gable) who agrees to help her with her journey in exchange for an exclusive story. I always find it charming when I watch an old film like this and see how they handle the modesty of the times. The whole "walls of Jericho" thing was a lot of fun, and it paid off in a great way in the final scene. The pair of lead actors are just wonderful. I was surprised how Colbert was able to make her character so likable despite being spoiled rotten. Ordinarily that is a character type that I hate, but she was so sweet it didn't grate on my nerves. Gable is playing that lovable loser who just can't seem to catch a break but I always find myself wishing he would. He plays the heartbreak scenes so expertly and it pulls at your heartstrings because you can tell exactly what he is thinking behind those strong eyes.One of the challenges in any romantic comedy is creating good chemistry between the leads, and I think they did that well here. Between the scene where they are pretending to be married, and the scene where they are trying to hitch a ride, I was laughing quite a lot, but also convinced they had a real connection. I think what didn't work for me is that this story is so familiar. Obviously It Happened One Night probably did it long before any of the others where I've seen a similar theme, so it shouldn't lose points for that, but I just think there have been improvements made in the genre. There were moments where I thought this movie dragged a little bit as well, and that's probably because I knew how things would end and I was just waiting for it to get there. That being said, there are a lot of iconic moments in this film, some that I had seen many times before without realizing they came from here. The acting was top notch, and there were a lot of funny moments too. I don't know if I'll ever revisit It Happened One Night on my own, but if someone asked I would gladly watch it again.