• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   fight,   police,  

When the girlfriend of a cult leader tries to leave the flock, she finds escape to be more difficult than she imagined. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric R (jp) wrote: Nancy is a chronically depressed, self-destructive woman who just has no idea how to be happy. Her husband, doesn't know how to deal with her deep troubles and essentially tries his best to ignore the problem. Nancy's depression and self-destructive ways partially stem from being sexually and phyically abused. She finds a stranger via the internet whom she essentially hires to kill her but when she actually meets him, he is a lot more hesitant as he begins to have feelings for this troubled woman. Downloading Nancy is an examination of deep depression and how it can completely take control of someone's life. The film suggests a relationship between sex and violence, stemming from Nancy's childhood. The film is gorgeously photographed and framed by Christopher Doyle and it really does have a very somber atmosphere visually. The film is rather one note and definitely depressing. Maria Bello does all she can but the film just kinda feels unnecessary and without any real purpose.

Shraddha D (gb) wrote: dis is my favourite movie..i must have wayched dis more than 500 tyms....bt still i am in love vth it

Keldon M (mx) wrote: This is on my "must see" list.

Chris J (ag) wrote: This film really doesn't want you to enjoy it.

Christopher S (gb) wrote: A complex and enthralling examination of complicated emotion, clashing values, and even strange humor - all leading to a truly disturbing climax. Masterfully crafted by writer-director Richard Brooks and centered around a superb, authentic performance by Diane Keaton. A fascinating look at American culture in the 1970s and a true classic.

Leo L (kr) wrote: Good movie. Interesting story plot. One of my favorite movies from John Travolta.

Ashley L (ru) wrote: this movie was so cute!! cant ever go wrong with Sandy!

Mloy X (ag) wrote: Sondra Pransky (Scarlett Johansson): I wouldn't be surprised if he asked me to marry him someday. Sid Waterman (Woody Allen): You come from an orthodox family, would they accept a serial killer? Of all the Woody Allen films I have had the pleasure of watching, this may have been the worst. Allen was his usual neurotically charming self and Hugh Jackman was creepily charismatic but he seemed ill-at-ease with his role. This may be the shallowest attempt at acting I've ever seen him do. Scarlett Johansson was uncharacteristically awful, which was really surprising because she started as an indie-darling, so you'd think this should be the kind of projects she would excel in. I mean, she can really act but I guess just not in this film apparently. I don't know what happened but it felt as if she wasn't initially slated for the Sondra part and had to sub last minute because it didn't appear like she knew her lines or didn't even have time to rehearse them. Or maybe she was told or tried to adlib some of the lines with disastrous results. Also, what's more disturbing than her inability to act was that her character, Sondra, had more chemistry with Allen's character, Sid, than she did with Jackman's character. I was half rooting for Sondra and Sid to end up together. The plot was somewhat interesting and the humor even though a little dark was still pretty funny; unfortunately for this film, the two lead's paltry performances just killed any credibility this film could have had.