Lydia is an overweight sales clerk in a trendy home furnishings store, nearing 30. Though she is a member of a Fat Acceptance Group (a movement dedicated to fighting prejudice against overweight people), she is still struggling with complex feelings about her body and its place in the world. Darcy, a recovering-anorexic real estate agent in her mid-20s, is struggling with the same issues from a very different perspective.

Lydia is an overweight sales clerk in a trendy home furnishings store, nearing 30. Though she is a member of a Fat Acceptance Group (a movement dedicated to fighting prejudice against ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gabriel T (fr) wrote: ParaNorman adds to another wholly satisfying stop-motion film to the Laika collection, that even if it's not as good as Coraline, it still marks another original, beautifally animated, and surely funny stop-motion film that is sure to delight any type of audience.

Magnus W (it) wrote: This is actually something as interesting as a movie about prostitution that doesn't get all moral about it. It tries and mostly succeed in painting the complexities of the issue. For all parties involved. However, it is always hard to rate a movie when one of the purpose clearly is to make you somewhat unpleasant. The acting is fine and the pace gives you time to consider what is happening.

Louis B (gb) wrote: Very good, full of action and extremely good acting skills by the likes of Gerard Butler. Not to be missed! ??

Private U (mx) wrote: Beatiful movie in everyway, and by the end you'll understand why she shot ol' boi in the church.

Des S (gb) wrote: I was excited to see this because it sounded like it was going to be funny, but it didn't have as many laughs as I had hoped and the ending wasn't too great.

Edward P (mx) wrote: Best Stephen Chow film. Once you seen this film all his other films look like shit e.g. Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu hustle

Tyler V (au) wrote: I really loved this movie. It's great at being both funny and incredibly dark and thought provoking. There's a good message too.

Frank R (br) wrote: One of the greatest B-pictures of all times!!!! Rourke at his cheezy, bad-ass best. Great dialogue. Great stereotypes. Ahhhhh! I love it. Bullet's the coolest!!! Shoot outs. Hip-hop. Rourke psycho analyzing his friends, riding his death wish cuz he got into drugs and messed up his baseball scholarship, is a junkie, impotent, really into Barry White, hardened by the Pen upstate, hanging with Irish gangsters, Italian gansters, black gangsters, jewish gangsters, shanking out eyes, going toe-to-toe boxing style, AHHHHHH LOVE IT. And its got the midget from Lord of the Thrones. You gotta see it.

Chris L (jp) wrote: The story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and a tour de force from Burton, who swoons and seethes with regal egotism, and Bujold gives as good as she gets. "But Elizabeth shall reign after you.. Yes, Elizabeth! Child of Anne the Whore and Henry the Blood-Stained Lecher, shall be Queen!"

Colm C (fr) wrote: Lacks Sellers and Edwards, but Alan Arkin does a reasonable job as Clouseau

Knox M (it) wrote: Through the eyes of a Hitchcock fan, I CONFESS appears to be his most personal film. Viewing it through a philosophical filter, it's about how to conquer sin in the face of God and ultimate redemption.

Judy T (nl) wrote: Poignant, witty perfection. I loved every moment of it. Especially the speech in the bathroom. Perfect.

Francisco S (ag) wrote: This movie can be a little predictable, but his great cast and the original story are enough to forget that. Final Destination try to transmit the message that all of we have a destiny and can't escape to it, but this attempt to transmit the message is destroyed for is weak argument, because all of we know that the water won't follow a specific path on the floor escaping to the laws of physic. Interesting.

Alec C (ag) wrote: Fantastic footage of WW2, some of the best I've ever seen. Not sure if the story added on top works that well, and it's a bit of a anti-climax.