The Austrian Secret Service sends its most seductive agent to spy on the Russians.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1931
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   prostitute,   spy,  

The Austrian Secret Service sends its most seductive agent to spy on the Russians. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Toni K (kr) wrote: I spend less than 2 minutes to speed check this giant piece of $*it..

Michael C (fr) wrote: A delightful, artful, and thoroughly entertaining expose on the power of genetics to influence man, humor, and good film making. Unlike most critics, I loved it and found it neither over wrought or improbable, but what the fuck would I know about the topic, I'm just a doctor of genetics.

Joseph S (gb) wrote: Zhang Ke Jai has grown allot since "The World", able to leave some of the melodrama behind and let his characters and the landscape speak for itself. A really beautiful film, relevant and moving in the ways "Up In The Air" wishes it were. Some of the interveiws could have been shortened or illustrated but that is jusy my personal taste. Jai's subjects at first seemed to be almost rambling inconsequentionally about their factory they have worked at that is bieng transformed into a highrise apartment building, but as the film goes on, they reveal themselves to be remarkably intricate in articulating how the factory for generations was their world, romantically, socially, philosophically, and culturally. I had trouble telling the difference between those who were actors and who were actual workers, but the mixtrue between the authentic and the dramatic only serves to highlight the contrast between the promise of workers solidarity and justice and the realities of changing economic priorities. Recommended. More later...

Blake B (it) wrote: A smart, well-spoken, brilliant input on the overcoming of bigotry that took place in the 70s, and a lesson in the bigotry that is still present today. Milk is a powerful film based on the life and politics of Harvey Milk. As uplifting as it is heart-wrenching, this film is beautifully directed, filmed, and acted. Sean Penn provides us with by far his greatest performance of his expansive career. Milk is an essential watch for everyone in the world, and allows us to see that we, as a society, must be equal. Equality is key to a kind, loving, and powerful town, state, nation, and world. Milk perfectly outlines that that is what we must do to achieve greatness in our a community. A near perfect political drama.

Rob W (it) wrote: Story about contemporary disjointed Japanese family life. The final scene is one of my favourite final movie scenes.7/10

John C P (mx) wrote: Of course we all know the story line, but this time there is a twist. Set in a failing theme park, the lost boys are 20ish run aways, Captian Hook and his gang of leather boys aare the care takers. The movie is shot almost like a college project type shoot, or low budget. The acting is okay, noting epic about it, but still the movie has an excellent message. I am wondering how Will Wheaton got involved in this you don't see much of him. Over all I like the movie as a modern telling or an old story it was great.

bill s (mx) wrote: Though there are some bumps,this is one feel good warm hearted family picture worth seeing.

Vivek S (au) wrote: WATS UR LAKSHYA N FOR WHOM........

Morten L (ca) wrote: It has it's moments...but isn't that good overall.

Nichy K (fr) wrote: most painful czech film ever

Gregory G (ca) wrote: this movie was not intended to be seen by Richard Williams because he was working on this movie in 1964 but the movie was released in 1995. the movie was independently funded and Williams went on and on that this is going to be his master piece so the film took him year and years of perfecting and financing to finished the movie in fact Vincent price recorded his dialogue for 20 years be for the movie came out so to this day it still continues as the longest time ever taken to complete an animated movie and it broke the record for 31 years in the making of this film and because he was taking so long the film was bought by the bond company and kicked Williams off the project and no longer has the rights of this film. in the miramax version wasn't very good because of the monologue and the song is laking and pretty forgettable it was a bad release but however there is a re edit version called the re-cobbled cut in this version used unfinished animation and story boards to tell the story of what Richard Williams really want to see its more better than miramax cuz theres no dialogue to the main characters which is unique cuz the story was told strictly to the animation which people find it boring but its pretty spectacular there is more movement and expression than the monologue. it knows it wants to be a surreal artistic silent movie but the miramax version try so hard to appeals to anyone but it appeals to no one so i recommend to watch the recobbled cut

Sylvester K (gb) wrote: A rare gem about the past lives and the influence it has on the present life. The story was interesting, but sort of like those from Tales From the Crypt. The twist was too easy to guess, though the acting from Thompson and Branagh saved the film

Camille L (it) wrote: Bernie est parfois trs drle, avec des squences franchement trs bien trousses et des moments de bravoure impressionnant. Mais Bernie est souvent trs permissifs avec les trous d'air d'un scnario qui n'est que l'ombre de ce qu'il devrait tre, sans doute d un terrible manque de rigueur de la part d'Albert Dupontel, qui laisse certaines squences s'terniser sans jamais tre importantes ou tout juste intressantes. C'est trs dommage car Dupontel est justement excellent en psychopathe presque attachant, Roland Blanche est hilarant et Nicolas Mari toujours un plaisir voir jouer.

Mason M (ru) wrote: "Wild Things" light. Cheesy, pretty entertaining.

Mark O (nl) wrote: If you ever wondered what happened to Winnie from THE WONDER YEARS, well here she is. Too bad though, cause the movie is a mess.

martha p (es) wrote: not what I expected.

Alastair W (mx) wrote: Once again, another great story and atmosphere from Wes. Favourite scenes are at Summers End house and the Camp. Edward Nortons character deserves his own spinoff as I can't get enough of him and Camp Ivanhoe. Great acting all round but especially from Bill Murray, Ed Norton, the two leads and the boy scouts. Would have liked a bit more of a fuller soundtrack but it does have an absolute gem from Francoise Hardy that once again gets me onto a Wes Anderson spotify playlist and a brilliant choir song, "Cuckoo". It only lacks somewhat, when compared to The Grand Budapest Hotel, in the fairytale story that its title Moonrise Kingdom, would suggest.