After a string of incompatible dorm mates, Finn – an unapologetic, collegiate underachiever and extreme party boy – hopes that a new year is going to bring some better luck. But 15-year-old, nerdy, brainiac Toby isn't exactly who he had in mind. After an extremely rough start, the two overcome their differences and team up to exact revenge on campus jock, Landon, and his posse of goons, who think they rule the school.

The film centers on two young students whose characters are absolutely different from each other . One day, they team up together to find the way to fight against some guys who think they control the entire school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


DisOrientation torrent reviews

Tor M (ag) wrote: The Icelandic contestant of the 2014 Oscars. I think I get why it made it all the way - it's not like most movies. Several small stories, all taking place in a small Icelandic village, all slightly connected and all of them include men and horses.It's not a mountain of laughs, but it's very innovative, off-beat and delicate. I've actually tried horse riding at Iceland - probably with the worst technique the island has ever seen, but the film made memories come back to my head.Anyhow, Superbly shot and the short length of the film makes it very easy to digest. The characters we meet are quite some people and the happenings are amazingly absurd.Unforgettable scenes. Raw, nasty and graphic. Still with a dark comedy-like undertone. Just have a look at the movie poster and you will catch my drift. The connections between mankind and horses are easy to spot, but quite artisticly presented. A superb first feature by Benedikt Erlingsson and I really hope for more nutty films from the guy.8.5 out of 10 humping horses.

Ilango R (de) wrote: A must watch movie!!!Surely a world class film!!!!

Myfanwy C (mx) wrote: Nothing but love for these kids and their teacher. What an inspiration.

Mattias K (ru) wrote: Hrlig film med ledsamt slut, som hnger kvar i dagar...

Louise G (fr) wrote: Quirky film looking a the culture clash between the American military and (very) smalltown Romania. Perhpas a little overlong, but good character development and nice performances.

Private U (jp) wrote: Fast and furious as it should have been. Light youth comedy and it knows it so it doesn't take itself seriously like Fast and furious.Points for some amazing cars (2002tii <3) and a good cast.

Tankeu L (mx) wrote: This movie was great!

Sherry M (gb) wrote: Very good parody of the Great Escape. Would love to see that again now. The claymation boggles the mind. Kind of interesting to have a female hero and a female villain. Do you ever see that?

Marvin H (jp) wrote: This film felt as bland and as dated as the 30's films in which it used for reference. This was just a boring documentary, that fed the facts to you as if you were back in middle school watching a "duck and cover" psa on a projector.

Jerey Girl (gb) wrote: awesome movie. I cried at the end.

Scott W (au) wrote: Paul Telfer is gorgeous and Elizabeth Perkins is great! Unfortunately, the writing is really clumsy. I never understand why people insist upon bastardizing myths in modern re-tellings. The reason they've lasted is that they are great as is. This story ends up being more Roman than Greek with all of it's plotting and suspicion. I'm still waiting for the one, great, faithful Hercules film.

Asi U (ag) wrote: was waiting for a long time......

Orlok W (ag) wrote: St. Patricks day massacre--Tension building mob movie that keeps you watching!!

Scott R (jp) wrote: a fun movie the kids will love

Daniel P (nl) wrote: a classic, simple and fun to watch.

Marlene A (nl) wrote: The film shows how the power of music can reach inside the heart and mind of those elderly lost to the world by dementia. It's not only deeply moving, but powerful in motivating one to make a contribution to the movement to bring ipods to those who can benefit. An eye-opening documentary with deep heart.

Carlos M (br) wrote: This original one-joke comedy is more impressive for its fantastic special effects than for its plot, since it begins belly-achingly hilarious but then starts to slowly wear off as the novelty gives place to familiarity, proving that some ideas work better when made into short movies.

Mindy S (nl) wrote: Actually a really good movie, despite the title. Paul Bettany is great. Kirsten Dunst annoys me, but she does in most films, so that wasn't unnusual. Good film though.