Stel, a humanoid alien played by Mark Strange, teams up with a British soldier Private John Marrettie (Malcolm Hankey). They engage on an action-packed adventure to find a top secret file which holds information on advanced energy production, captured space crafts and their alien pilots including Stel’s missing father, Arakawa, who’s been shot down and imprisoned on Earth by Core – a human paramilitary group. The Displaced file falls into the hands of a renegade 'special forces’ leader, Wilson (Graham Brownsmith) whose plans are to sell the file to the highest bidder on the black market for his own financial gain. Private Marrettie is forced to help Stel in his quest to locate the file. The search leads them on a deadly game of survival, combat, intrigue and deceit.

Stel, a humanoid alien, teams up with a British soldier Private John Marrettie. They engage on an action-packed adventure to find a top secret file which holds information on advanced ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Displaced torrent reviews

shonna h (ag) wrote: Good horror movie! Creepy, demonic, psychological.

Anna C (es) wrote: It could have been a good horror, with a different director. Like this it's just boring.

emma s (ru) wrote: without a doubt in my mind, the worst movie i've ever seen

Raymond C (it) wrote: The actors all fit their roles perfectly. The story line was interesting and not overdone although it did wander and get skip over some details a bit due to scenes being cut. The music was excellent.

Dustin P (us) wrote: It's funny, but was never quite laugh out loud funny. It also felt like it was borrowing from Futurama a bit. Besides the whole "guy in a pod wakes up in the future" thing, the way people in the future acted was somewhat reminiscent of an episode called "The Day The Earth Stood Stupid" (a bunch of alien brains invade Earth and make everyone but Fry act really stupid). Not saying it was blatant plagiarism, but it did have some common themes from a show that aired about 5 years or so before this was released.

Grant S (de) wrote: Ok, ish. Not nearly as funny or poignant as I was expecting. Jokes are infrequent, and not always funny. Plus the movie does retread some of the same jokes over and over.Has its moments though, is reasonably original, and is quite sweet at times.

Rich M (it) wrote: 20th Movie of 2011 Suprisingly kind of dull for an Abel Ferrara movie about Billy Dee Williams & Tom Berenger tracking a Kung Fu rapist in Times Square.

Tracy S (ca) wrote: can somebody tell me how to watch movies on flixster i have tried everything!!!!!!

David J (kr) wrote: The special effects are quite dated and some of the deadpan humor falls flat, but of all the films I've seen with a cult classic status, "Ghostbusters" is by far the funniest and most memorable and I'm sure it will remain a favorite amongst Earth's inhabitants for years to come. That being said, the "Ghostbusters" theme song really irritates me.