District 9

District 9

Aliens land in South Africa and, with their ship totally disabled, have no way home. Years later, after living in a slum and wearing out their welcome the 'Non-Humans' are being moved to a new tent city overseen by Multi-National United (MNU).

An extraterrestrial race forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth suddenly finds a kindred spirit in a government agent who is exposed to their biotechnology. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


District 9 torrent reviews

Mike L (ru) wrote: Well done and engaging. I really enjoyed I Origins

Nicoara T (gb) wrote: interesant cum ia interviuri la somelieri. dar este nestructurat. am vazut primele 30 de minute.

Michael V (kr) wrote: Horrible. The first was great. No need for any more of these

Matt P (br) wrote: The story is mostly fiction and they completely write Bo Diddley out of the Chess records story. Nonetheless, the portrayals of Muddy Waters and Leonard Chess and the others are fantastic. The musical performances in this film are some of the best.

Chucho E Q (au) wrote: Hilarious piece of groundbreaking animation. But it's not groundbreaking because of the animation tecniques per se as it's actually a pretty crappy Flash-like animation but because its funny-to-the-bone, acid, colorful, extremely gay, hilarious screenplay. The characters are so well built as are the plot and the songs. An hilarious film for everyone... also the "gayest" movie ever since "Shark Tale"... *laughs*

Marrick A (es) wrote: Excellent documentary about an excellent poet and novelist.

Ryan G (it) wrote: Thought it was more entertaining than most gave it credit for.

Josh M (jp) wrote: A Halloween/Michael Meyers "wanna-be". It even looks like it was released in 1978. It was released almost 10 years later in 1987, so you would think there would be some cinematic upgrades, but no. Terrible acting to go along with terrible terror.

Jackie (gb) wrote: Great Movie!! Classic! GirlPlay is much better, though.

Brian K (us) wrote: A bit of a let down but Robots still wows on a purely visual level.