Disturbing Behavior

Disturbing Behavior

Steve Clark is a newcomer in the town of Cradle Bay, and he quickly realizes that there's something odd about his high school classmates. The clique known as the "Blue Ribbons" are the eerie embodiment of academic excellence and clean living. But, like the rest of the town, they're a little too perfect. When Steve's rebellious friend Gavin mysteriously joins their ranks, Steve searches for the truth with fellow misfit Rachel.

The Clark family moves from Chicago to Cradle Bay, where Steve Clark stumbles across something sinister about the town's method of transforming its unruly teens into upstanding citizens. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Austin B (ca) wrote: Me gusta la pelicula porque es muy interesante. Es sobre dos peloteros de la RD. Es fenomenal

Kat G (it) wrote: Illustrates the very real and relevant issue of the power of the media in current politics, gov. policy, and national sentiments, and has a good message about doing what is right vs. what is profitable.

Lena R (fr) wrote: I enjoyed 'Ghost world' a lot. I like the 'weirdo' offbeat characters. I can relate to the central topic of finding one's place in the world. I like the manner of presentation: sincere and witty. I like Thora Birch character's eccentric outfits. I like movies set in US suburbia. And Steve Buscemi is so funny and touching. I want to see movies like this.

Lauri L (ca) wrote: Most difficult movie to put into words. This is absurd drama of loosing yourself.

Harry W (ca) wrote: Based on the fascinating S.E Hinton novel, Rumble Fish is another powerful display of Francis Ford Coppola's signature film style.The different creative camera angles, style of characters and use of black and white turns a short novel into a creative piece of entertainment. The movie stays true to the novel, only discarding a few things from the storyline, and the decision to film in black and white to capture the view of The Motorcycle Boy enhances the vision and heart of the original source novel, and the way it so accurately follows the brother who wanted to be like him makes the colourless tale of a street fighting teenager have more colour than most other films of this kind of plot, and it makes it seem just perfect.Matt Dillon is an S.E Hinton lead for the third time, and doesn't fail to impress.Mickey Rourke plays a heartless icon with a legacy, who is the local hero, and Rourke looks young and promising here, kicking up a career as a Rumbled Fish.The only minor dissapointment i have is that the film focuses more on the relationship between Rusty-James and The Motorcycle Boy that between Rusty-James and Steve, and it had to discard some scenes to do so, but overall, just a damn fine piece of movie history

Jim S (it) wrote: This was a really decent slasher film. You can't go into this expecting a glossy modern slasher though. It's a gritty early 80s slasher and you'll have to deal with poor lighting and other things, all of which, in my opinion, add to the atmosphere. The ending kicks ass and is worth sitting through the movie for. Also, the original trailer is super awesome.

Mike H (ru) wrote: For every good movie Hitchcock made, he made 3 on auto-pilot. His talents would have been better served on a smaller, more focused collection of movies. Did he lack the talent or the integrity to be a consistent director? Whatever the case, he still left us with a half dozen masterpieces.The problem with Topaz is that it reached its expiration date well before I was born. A spy movie surrounding the threat of Russia and Cuba in the early 1960s is not exactly a universal theme; it's like an early James Bond movie that lacks art direction and character. Even those hold up mainly as time capsules. Topaz is simply irrelevant.

Niklas S (us) wrote: DIdn't follow the movie when it was on. Talked over the whole thing.

Andrew C (es) wrote: A laugh out loud comedy classic. I don't know how many times I have seen this and find it refreshingly funny. Refreshing because it's a film with no profanity and no sexual innuendos, just damn funny. A naive country bumpkin, Will Stockdale (Andy Griffin), is drafted into the air force where he is a fish out of water. Will's antagonist, the obnoxious Irvin Blanchard (Murray Hamiton), Will's high strung buddy, Ben Whitledge (Nick Adams), the stern drill sergeant, Sgt. King (Myron McCormick), and manual dexterity corporal, Corporal Brown, (Don Knotts playing in his first film and, from here on out, permanently attached to Griffen by the hip), are played to perfection. The scene with Knotts is a hoot and one of the films best scenes. All minor characters are outstanding and also played to perfection contributing to the films chemistry. This classic comedy is a must see.

Karsh D (nl) wrote: Incredibly poor film. Spiderman and the hulk merged into one but with no budget....

laura b (br) wrote: Not as good as the original, the original I felt like you didn't need to have read the book to understand. This one I felt like you really needed to have read the book to know what was going on.

Hugh J (ca) wrote: I remember seeing this in the theatre with Ryan and we were so engrossed in the film, we forgot we were sitting beside each other. On second viewing, though...my God, I think I hate Halle Berry. Thank God they didn't make a Jinx movie. Seriously, fuck her and her short cut hair. It's all about Ursula Andress rising from the ocean. Damn it, Brosnan, you should've done one more to redeem yourself...On a positive note, Rosamund Pike is hella hot.

jesus d (ca) wrote: plot started out good then it just stayed flat untill the end of the movie

Carl Lee O (au) wrote: Good gore and 1/2 decent storyline. I think this movie is highly under-appreciated

Noam M (nl) wrote: Really an exceptional film!

Joe W (br) wrote: At first I thought it was simple lacking substance, but what I was missing was the subtlety. A damn good film.