Divided Into Zero

Divided Into Zero

A non-linear surrealistic horror film documenting a man's broken descent into isolation, body mutilation, paedophilia and murder.

A non-linear surrealistic horror film documenting a man's broken descent into isolation, body mutilation, paedophilia and murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sherief N (nl) wrote: I kind of expected more from this sequel '!

Joseph G (br) wrote: "Away We Go"is such a sweet film, it is so heartwarming and laugh out loud funny. As the movie moves from one town to the next we are introduced to a new sets of characters and each one of them hit their mark to perfection, sometimes funny, sometimes sad and other times just outrageous. Even though the cast of characters per city share their own unique weird ways of life, it is not too inconceivable to picture them in ones own life and if you've met enough people you have probably encountered the stereotypes portrayed in this film. That's what makes this film special, it is real and believable, if you are expecting a typical deep dark Sam Mendes film than this might seem as a bit of a departure but I would strongly recommend giving this film a chance. It is the kind of movie in my collection that I really enjoy revisiting from time to time and find myself quoting often.

Graham C (mx) wrote: A real insight into 'actual' war.. Unsure why they changed the title to "This Is War" though?

jason a (jp) wrote: Love how "Gabe" narrarates the whole movie with advice about love. This movie is my life without the divorce part!!! People mistake me for my mother on the phone ALL the time!!!!!!!!

Jessica E (nl) wrote: i love this movie it is so hilarious, flit is so awesome, i love the song that the 2 guys sing when theyre in bed and smoking weed.

Miguel A (us) wrote: Os motivos que levam "Local Hero" a ser um dos mais considerados feel good movies da dcada de 80 ultrapassam-me por completo. Pareceu-me aborrecido e por vezes oco. O poster tambm muito enganador ao mostrar um Burt Lancaster que tem um papel importante, mas minsculo.

Charles S (nl) wrote: Jude Law is NO Michael Caine.

Patsy L (gb) wrote: Vincent Price, Heroin, Chinatown?....What more does a great Saturday matinee need? Milkduds.

Grant S (au) wrote: Wonderful, emotional movie.It is the early-1900s and author / playwright JM Barrie's latest play has flopped. He is in need of inspiration and meets Sylvia Llewelyn-Davis and her four sons. They ultimately inspire him to write Peter Pan...Incredible (true) story. The depth of emotion involved, and the wonder of seeing a creative genius at work make this a very moving journey. Excellent use of dream / fantasy sequences as we look inside Barrie's mind.Great work by Johnny Depp in the lead role, a performance for which he got an Oscar nomination. Good support from Kate Wnslet as Sylvia and Julie Christie as her mother plus also Radha Mitchell and Dustin Hoffman. The kids are great too - some of the best performances by child actors you'll see.