Mr. Oswal (Om Shivpuri) is a very rich, influential, and domineering man, who lives with his wife (Sulochana) and two sons, namely Jayant (Girish Karnad) and Ajay (Vijayendra Ghatge). Mr. ...

Mr. Oswal (Om Shivpuri) is a very rich, influential, and domineering man, who lives with his wife (Sulochana) and two sons, namely Jayant (Girish Karnad) and Ajay (Vijayendra Ghatge). Mr. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul F (jp) wrote: I very much enjoyed this movie. I saw it with my wife and we found ourselves looking at each other as many of the references about what happens to married couples in their relationships were dead on. We also enjoyed that there was an actual story to the movie. It is the perfect movie for a "date night" with your spouse. You will laugh, look at each other with smirks and probably discuss afterwords as your wife will want to know when you are going to change your ways. Enjoy

Richard V (us) wrote: A really fascinating story - Superman and Lex Luthor both face their own demise - is bogged down by strange and convoluted plot points that really could have been expanded on into other films (One scene has Lois Lane with superpowers, then Kryptonians invade Earth, then Lex Luthor creates a superhuman serum from prison) all happening one after the other with no development. And for an hour long movie, it could have expanded into two more hours.

Juliano K (br) wrote: i live movies to made gory funny

Daniel T (kr) wrote: The worst film I've ever seen

Jori P (gb) wrote: Jokin puuttui tst komediasta.

Camille L (gb) wrote: Mon Voisin Totoro est un film absolument remarquable dans la mesure o celui-ci parle de l'enfance de manire particulirement intelligente, sans jamais tomber dans la mivrerie dont on a peur au bout de 10 min. Miyazaki Hayao cr un monde absolument passionnant o chaque chose est logique, lgitime et rien n'est laiss au hasard. C'est clairement ce qui rend cette histoire de soeurs attendant le retour de leur mre malade dans la nouvelle maison de campagne touchante, souvent drle et surtout prenante de bout en bout. Ne durant que 90 min, Totoro est un film extrmement bien rythm, musicalement magnifique et visuellement enchanteur. Mon Voisin Totoro est un classique mrit, un de ces films qui n'a absolument pas vieilli.

Jonathan J (us) wrote: This movie is fantastic. If you like Bo Svenson or just like looking at horrible looking 70's clothing this is for you. Robert Logan is great as the sick, feathered hair ski lodge chap. He adds a whole dimension to the film, especially the sexual tension between him and snowbeast. The fade to red intercuts and the high quality fade outs make you think you're watching a huge studio production. Clint Walker also adds a little class to this forgotten gem.Little known fact: filmed in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Jordan S (ca) wrote: There is no doubting this detailed retelling of the life of Billie Holliday makes for a compelling film. However, although Diana Ross nails the grittiness in Holliday's character, it does not translate into her singing voice (critically important when playing a slowly degenerating songstress like Holliday) and the result is, at best, a semi-faithful portrayal.

Stuart M (kr) wrote: Hehehe, the movie that "Chuck and Larry" recently remade. I recommend you watch this Australian original, and compare the differences in humor.

Martin T (de) wrote: Terrific dialogue, good performances, and a boiling love triangle in a melodramatic style reminiscent of Sirk. But it's not noir, at least not in my book (more and more I'm learning that noir has a different meaning for everyone). The noir I like requires high stakes: someone's going to get killed, or going to jail for a long, long time. Some might argue that love is the highest stake of all, and some of the best noirs use love as a lynchpin, but for me there has to be more than just romance on the line. So it's not film noir, but it's still pretty good. Except for the ending, which comes far, far too easily.

Petri P (it) wrote: Heh heh heh heh heh...Se joka antaa tst tydet 5 thtee.. ei oo kyll nhnyt paljookan leffoja ja on iltn maksimissaan 7 vuotias!!!

Alan B (nl) wrote: Why didn't I see this before <3