Dizzy Doctors

Dizzy Doctors

The stooges get a job selling "Brighto", what they think is cleaning fluid. After ruining a cop's uniform and a new car, they discover Brighto is actually medicine. Taking their sales pitch to a hospital, they get into more trouble and must leave on the run when the head of hospital turns out to be the owner of the car they ruined.

The stooges get a job selling "Brighto", what they think is cleaning fluid. After ruining a cop's uniform and a new car, they discover Brighto is actually medicine. Taking their sales pitch... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ScubaSteve Walter M (fr) wrote: It had a nice premise, Korean espionage in full scale action. Yet was bored later on. Didn't know it would be a feel good movie about the brotherhood relationship of two men. LOL. Still it was a good watch.

Hobie P (nl) wrote: Im a big Seann William Scott fan but this film just didn't do it for me,and its not very funny either.

Kean Hooi T (nl) wrote: It does fill in the gap nicely. Nice!

Mohammed A (br) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Chris B (us) wrote: For a foreign made film, and understanding the people from down under, this was fun and cute.

Songeehn C (ca) wrote: Curiousity after watching "Grizzly Man" made me see this. This guy is a freak and a few cards short of a full deck, but ultimately the movie is a letdown because he never goes toe to toe with a bear. Can't remommened this unless you find people with mental issues entertaining.

Natasha M (us) wrote: Childhood Scandinavian angst. Apparently a great and touching movie. Somehow, much to the disappointment of my Swedish friends, I failed to see this and found the film dull and mindless.

Super K (gb) wrote: This is a must see movie. It's amazingly well done. Silent film is a lost art form that took a huge amount of energy and talent to make work.

Jeff Z (nl) wrote: Somehow this movie slipped through the cracks and I've never seen it until just now. Delighted to see Dick Van Dyke, Barbara Feldon and John McGiver in (for me) something new. Yes, the plot is unlikely but its sweet '60's fun. Less jokey and more character and situation driven, its an easy relaxing view. I have no idea why Feldon didn't go farther than she did. She's a dream in this one.

Shad Y (de) wrote: I'm pretty sure everyone involved with this was high when they made it. It looked like they had fun, but it looked like leftover "Tales from the Darkside" episodes.

Qi Z (kr) wrote: It is an entertaining, clever, trickster crime story. Just check up on "Kansas City Shuffle" as the key to this mystery. Many body counters and gallons of blood.

Rajhaun J (jp) wrote: Big fan of this movie. No one realizes it exists but maybe now some people may be turned on to it and see it a little better than the new one.

Robyn M (nl) wrote: This Is how a movie on alcatraz should be filmed. even though it black and white, filmed beyond my years. Its like marinated meat older the better.He's the bird man a ruthless murderer who kills those who cross him, and end up confined in the worst place of the prison the hole. For years he's never seen much light and when given the previlage, the only thing he could see was the sky. until one day a bird falls from a tree. He sneaks it in and desides They'd become cell mates.Soon after learning 1/2 A dozen languages and reading thousand of books on Birds he became a famous Bird healer. and was rewarded all the birds he'd like. until things went wrong and he clashed with the wardon and guards, in a second everything he prided himself on was gone.this movie is fascinating. And so is the bird man some claim he was a cold manipulative killer others say he had the heart of gold and killed for passion and pain. you deside.