Django 2 - Il grande ritorno

Django 2 - Il grande ritorno

A gunfighter-turned-monk returns to his former life when his estranged daughter is kidnapped by a Hungarian slaver.

Former gunfighter Django has become a monk and abandoned his violent former ways. His daughter is kidnapped by rogue Hungarian soldiers using slave labor to run a silver mine. Django casts ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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FilmGrinder S (fr) wrote: 77%"Fucking gasoline, I knew it would ruin everything."-Xander (Jean-Claude Van Damme) He's a funny guy.

Zechariah H (de) wrote: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has some of the greatest characters, stories, and visuals you will likely ever see in a sci-fi film.

Patrick M (de) wrote: What was the point of this movie?

505CAGEFIGHTER505 (us) wrote: this movie is the best movie ever god i cried when johnny died

Angel K (gb) wrote: It's a pre-teen and teen movie but, cute.

Jeanie V (au) wrote: Really cool and different movie. Good to watch to get a mental escape and lost in another type of living watching people in Europe and France choose love over a very dangerous and appealing world. The lead woman is mesmerizing and hot. A film that kept me glued because of her, and Ofcourse Jonathen Rhys Meyers. My fave :)

Joel A (es) wrote: A uneven & largely unknown Clint Eastwood Film that he went into unknown territory & put on an accent & really became a unique character.Although loosely based on John Huston director of African Queen (1951) it was pretty clear that's what they where going for.Shot beautifully with perfect use of that visually arresting backdrop of Africa. But unfortunately the story itself lacked & although the characterization was strong the story wasn't. I read this was arguably the most unsuccessful Eastwood film ever made.

Lea C (ca) wrote: I can watch this over and over

Roberto L (nl) wrote: *SPOILERS* I bought this film from Amazon and I really liked it! I've read some really positive reviews and some negative ones as well, but being an indie film fan and a fan of previous John Orrichio films - I bought Abduction. The camera-work is his best yet with beautiful outdoor shots and disturbing lighting and effects that show how the town is twisted behind closed doors, but picturesque and normal to the outside world. It's the story of a remote New Jersey small town that is not on any map. Basically the townsfolk kidnap unsuspecting tourists and sell them into slavery, they harvest their organs for sale on the black market or make leather goods out of them! Everything starts to unravel when an up & coming pop star from South America is kidnapped and her bodyguards come to town to find her. The whole town is in on the secret. The story is original and plays out well. The first 10 minutes are a little slow, but it picks up nicely from there. As for the acting, Tony Rugnetta (Jacob) is excellent. His best role to date. Roberto Lombardi (Johnny) is perfect, convincingly evil & sexy at the same time! Christy Callas (Lilly) who is vulnerable & sinister at the same time and Gerry Kirschbaum (Doc) who has the cool demeanor of a Doctor with a hidden mania. Other notable performances are Deana Demko (Rosie) and Christina Sampson (Myrtle). There is rarely a stumble by any of the actors. I also think that to truly enjoy this film you have to take it for what it is. A low budget, well made drama / thriller that is a little creepy, a little campy/funny and a little bloody. It's not a horror film per se and it's not for everyone. If you want the thrills of a Saw movie, pass on this. If you like Rosemary's Baby, this is right up your alley. The film has gotten bashed, but I believe that is coming from former colleagues of the film maker who are bitter. Judge for yourself!!

Sean P (us) wrote: Big build up with little resolution. Maybe it's my dislike for single setting movies but I didn't enjoy it as much. And in the end (no real spoiler) you find out nothing about who took over the train so there is a huge gap missing.