Do Dooni Chaar

Do Dooni Chaar

A middle-class father in India struggles through a series of unexpected events for upholding respect and smiles.

A middle-class father in India struggles through a series of unexpected events for upholding respect and smiles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael G (ru) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time. Never get a better feeling out of it

Robert I (kr) wrote: I like many things about these kind of movies. I like ambiguity and not explaining things. I love leaving things open to interpretation. I love keeping a bigger story in the background as it makes your independent movie feel all the more epic.All that said, I've taken a day to figure out what I think happens in this film and I have my answer. The thing is... I don't feel like it really fills me with anything that interesting.A movie I might compare this to is "The One I Love", a movie I got down on because I did not care about the two main characters. Same is true here. I did not care for Peter. I thought his girlfriend was miscast as the person she was written to be. I did like Maggie though, but the movie keeps her at a far enough distance that I can't exactly root for her.So ultimately the movie leaves me with very little. I like what I think the plot was telling, but the human storyline about Peter was huge miss for me.All this said, I would of course recommend this movie. I like movies that come out of nowhere and challenge us. While I didn't find much to take away from this one, I still 100% appreciate that it exists and it did its own thing.

Max H (de) wrote: Normally I don't trust many Indie films these days, I walk in thinking they're going to be a waste of time. However when I watched Beautiful Boy, everything else changed. I had never felt so touched by any story as I did with Beautiful Boy about the aftermath of a College Shooting where the killer commits suicide leaving with the family to deal with this whole media buzz. This film is clearly one of the greatest underdog films of the year. With a great plot and great character development with the tear dropping ending. This film gets a 5/5!

Pratik S (nl) wrote: can somebody lend me that camera. nice idea, but badly written story.

Mikayla M (jp) wrote: I seen the first one and it was super hot

Jenn B (au) wrote: Dark drama about 2 teenage girls. One is deaf. One is the classic blonde cheerleader type. Or are either of them as simple as they seem.Travel with them through their journey of real life. What you see is not always what you get and sometimes it is. If you can handle looking beyond the kitchen table for the 'all American family', I highly recommend this movie to you.

Gary Z (jp) wrote: Classic. If you are a gay boy or Rebecca Davis, you should see this.

Travis J (it) wrote: I wonder if George A. Romero saw this; it has zombies in a supermarket, four years before he put them in a mall. It also reminded me a bit of CARNIVAL OF SOULS and LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH.It has many, many shots of waves breaking on a beach.Recommended to those who like their horror highly ambiguous.

Felipe L (us) wrote: Great composition of a Western, with several elements from the Noir. Huston and Stantwick are outstanding. It is worth to see this first of the series of Mann's Westerns, to appreciate his evolution with the genre.

Aj V (br) wrote: Somewhat funny and cute in the beginning, but it doesn't keep throughout.

Gillian H (fr) wrote: I thought that this movie was pretty good. First time I've seen a drama about a guy who almost committed suicide, so all of his friends spent a weekend with him. I thought it was going to be worse, due to the other reviews, but the soundtrack was good, the acting was alright, and the shots were good. The one problem I had was that it was kind of like watching a weird version of friends. Other than that, it was easy to get past all the minor mistakes.