Do Dulhe

Do Dulhe


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Do Dulhe torrent reviews

John S (gb) wrote: depressing and just plain awful---no point to be made in this flick

Javier S (nl) wrote: Cuando una pelicula empieza con el personaje que anuncia que es su ultima Mision y qu se va a retirar despues de esta sus posibilidades de Alcantar un final Felix dismount yen considerablemente.Esta pelicula Australiana une por casualidas a 2 hookers una q va de salida y una q va empiezando, y lo dificil que se las ven tratando de escapar de un asesino sicopata que sabe que Ellas presenciaron un pequeno asesinato q cometio

Christian C (nl) wrote: Illuminating -- not just the kitsch one might expect. A worthwhile exploration of the people who compete in drag beauty contests.

Chosen 7 (us) wrote: Entertaining flick, nice twist.

Erik G (kr) wrote: Really well done and underappreciated film. And you just KNOW this kind of shit happens on a regular basis.

caroline g (ag) wrote: i do like to watch shows like this just to see if it also lines up with what god really has in store for the pple that r his know what i am sayin....oh yeah....

Charlie L (br) wrote: Impressively dysfunctional.

Shani P (mx) wrote: DO NOT WATCH THIS S***T.Half Baked unbelievable storyline, and should be classed as soft porn not a thriller. After 30 mins I gave up on it and FF to the end, which I knew was going to be terrible. It was, the ending was soooooooo freakin predictable. I gave this half a star and think thats a little over generous..

April W (mx) wrote: The book was better, and the acting could have been a bit better, but it was still good.

Rossana D (fr) wrote: La historia, la musica, los personjaes, mi peli de muequitos preferida!

Iain L (fr) wrote: The characters are bland, the story is dumb, the actors are awful and the entire idea of this film is bad.

Doctor S (us) wrote: Consensus seems to be "Great cast, not much else." I disagree! With the second part, that is.I don't think audiences (and critics) missed the point, but I think they might have been in the wrong frame of mind. It's a dark comedy that finds its humor in the situations rather than sight gags. I wasn't laughing outwardly very often but I was grinning inwardly as ex-Deadhead Carl (Greg Kinnear) witnesses his personal savior, popular pastor Dan Day (Pierce Brosnan), accidentally shoot his intellectual rival Dr. Paul Blaylock (Ed Harris) and then attempt to cover it up as a suicide. Brosnan gives his finest performance I've seen as the charismatic church leader who convinces himself that the shooting is all part of God's plan and takes measures to ensure that no one learns the truth.Supporting ladies Marisa Tomei and Jennifer Connelly are a lot of fun. Tomei is Honey, a former Deadhead-turned-campus security guard who has a kinship with Carl and becomes his confidant when his devout family cannot believe his story. That resistance is led by Connelly who once again does great work as Carl's wife by playing her as a straight arrow - she isn't playing for laughs but gets them anyway where designed (particularly the scene where she meets Honey on the roadside and has to be restrained by the police). I would really like to see how she performs in a broader comedic role, which is a field she has not really ventured into. Food for thought, Jen.The script contains some sharp observations about religion, and it's not just about taking potshots either. The opening scene between Dan and Paul presents a fascinating 5 minutes, I could've watched them debate the presence or absence of God for a whole hour. So an excellent cast, quality script, and funny story amounts to a dark comedy horse that might surprise you. Have a little faith!

Shane B (ru) wrote: A horrible experience. This isn't even a film, it's more like a fake snuff film.

Lyndsay C (es) wrote: Such an amazing story, and a great documentary.