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Do góry nogami


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Hannah D (kr) wrote: This is a very nice version of the classic Thomas Hardy novel. I am glad they took their time on it taking it to nearly three hours so we could enjoy the atmosphere and nice scenary. I still preferred the BBC version, though.

Lupe T (it) wrote: actually, Greg, the title was the original title when it was first being filmed in 1967.

David H (kr) wrote: What a Grandious Gangster Epic so dark, entertaining & Dr. Mabuse is the Ultra Villain with his Starry Eyes he fuck the Bourgoesie and rip off their last Skirt

Trevor W (nl) wrote: the series had far more impact

Bradley F (jp) wrote: When I review a film (good or bad) I usually know what the filmmakers were trying to show, or the purpose they were trying to get across. However, "Indecent Proposal" is a lost cause. I have no idea what the thought process was behind making this movie and I don't know why it was even made. It's shallow, childish, stupid, melodramatic and every frame is filled with unpleasant characters and terrible writing. Let's review one of the worst movies I ever seen. "Indecent Proposal". Married coupe Diana (Demi Moore) and David Murphy (Woody Harrelson) go to Vegas to win money so they can get out of debt (how smart). Soon, they bump into a millionaire John Gage (Robert Redford) who offers them 1$ Million if he could spend the night with Diana. I guess after getting the synopsis, you can guess the movie's biggest issue. This proposal is not only indecent, it's illegal. This deal is straight out prostitution. Either prostitution was legal in Nevada at one time or the screenwriter is just really stupid. Legal reasons aside, this is just straight out wrong. Here are two people who claim to love each other and have unbreakable trust, yet they have the brain cells and lack of thought to even consider this "offer". Then again, everyone in this movie is either incredibly stupid, childish or just a psychopath. Diana is probably the most despicable person in this entire movie right next to David's lawyer. Throughout the entire movie, she claims to not like this rich guy and just want to have sex with him just for the money. Then she is with him at parties and charities toward the end of the movie. She could give Bella a run for her money as one of the worst human beings ever. As for David, he does literally nothing to get his wife back. All he does all day is act like a cry baby and feels sorry for himself. I swear, throughout most of the 2nd half of the film he just walks around and mopes. It really also doesn't help that Woody Harrelson doesn't do that great a job emoting anger or real sadness. It's almost like he's playing against the script or something. John Gage is another coldhearted idiot in this movie. Yeah, he's despicable but besides that we are never given a reason why. He's just a jerk and we're supposed to accept it. I guess I'll assume he's a sociopath so that means him and Diana would be perfect together. The acting is overall is bad, but not at the fault of the actors. It's mainly the material they are given. The Script is so mean spirited and so misinformed that I wish I could personally give the Razzie trophy to screenwriter Amy Holden Jones. It's like watching a PSA about Drugs but the people behind it have no idea what they're talking about. I haven't watched many Demi Moore films, but I am sure she could a whole lot better in other films. Robert Redford holds up okay, but still it's hard to like him when he plays nothing but a jerk throughout the entire movie. I have already said my piece on Harrelson, he obviously has no idea what he's doing in this movie and I feel sorry that he had to be in here. Guys, this movie is a disgusting, amoral and stupid waste of film. Just because you have two big stars in your movie, doesn't mean your movie should exist. I see no other reason why "Indecent Proposal" got a theatrical release and the script got green lighted. The acting is off, the writing is a joke and most importantly the characters are heartless and childish monsters. I think I just found the evil twin to "The Lonely Lady". Yes, it's that bad!

Greg W (fr) wrote: good chemistry in this rom-com

Fabio V (au) wrote: Very simple shot film but very affective and great real life story.