Do Knot Disturb

Do Knot Disturb

Do Knot Disturb is a comedy movie which is based on a rich businessman who wants to hide his extra marital affair with a supermodel. He bribes a waiter into pretending to be the model's boyfriend. Mistaken identities and misunderstandings follow which are sure to take the viewers on a hilarious ride.It is a remake of the French movie La doublure (The Valet).

Uncertainty results in the life of Delhi-based Raj when his wealthy wife, Kiran, the sole heir to the Saxena Group of Companies, finds out that he may be having an affair with leggy model, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carole T (de) wrote: Un autre bon film qubcois. Le noeud de l'histoire se tient.

Elvis T (nl) wrote: Brilliant cinematography. I love how Noe chose such an undelicate profession for the protagonist.

Timothy C (us) wrote: Bergman made a lot of masterpieces during his career. Unforgettable films of immense power and artistry. This is not one of those films.

Deb S (it) wrote: Patrick Swayze plays the role of the ex-con Jack Crews, forced to do a job against his will in order to save his house and family. Meat Loaf (Red) joins Jack on this trip along with Randy Travis (Earl) in order to make certain the goods are delivered safe and sound at their destination. There are plenty of wild scenes dealing with trucks playing all kinds of stunt tricks on the road.