Do Ladke Dono Kadke

Do Ladke Dono Kadke

Two hapless petty thieves find themselves embroiled in a kidnapping when they decide to break into a house on the very same night that two dim-witted kidnappers plan to abduct the child who lives there. Directed by Basu Chatterjee, this comedic caper stars Amol Palekar, Moushmi Chatterjee, G. Asrani, Ranjeet, Iftekar, Dina Pathak and Prema Narayan.

Two petty thieves decide to rob a house that kidnappers had decided to kidnap a child from, what results is chaos, as the child ends up with the petty thieves, and both the thieves & the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sam M (nl) wrote: 86 minutes of glurge based off of source material that's full of it, featuring nauseating musical numbers and below-average acting even on child acting standards. Don't even associate yourself with this movie.

Augustine H (us) wrote: Wounds of mind are always more difficult to heal than those of flesh.

Private U (us) wrote: Oh goodness. Just watched it. Amazing. Great suspense, and unlike most WWII films, it's not entirely predictable. And it doesn't totally botch the whole Man Movie / Girly Love Story combination...once again, unlike most WWII movies, or any genre for that matter. All the actors did a FABULOUS job. Sophia Myles is gorgeous, and Tom Hardy is well, one of my favorite actors of all time. If you can spare 3 hours of your life - it is highly worth it. Promise.((it's based on a book, as well as a documentary))

Brad S (nl) wrote: An important film about an important cause. It does feel a bit like it's trying to be important at times, which is a slight weakness in the writing I think, but the positives outweigh the negatives. Great performances from Charlize Theron, Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, and Richard Jenkins. Some beautiful cinematography amongst so much ugliness in the miner characters. North Country is a strong reminder of how far we've come in civil rights these past 50 years. And that we still have a ways to go. But we're moving forward and I'm glad films like this document and contribute to the cause.

Nate T (it) wrote: Clearly a stage play played out in a few rooms of an apartment. Once again a sense of claustrophobia may form during this. Awkward moments abound but the acting and direction keep this on track. On Blu-ray in the US.

Rudy A (jp) wrote: Its plot reminds me of Miller's "Death of a Salesman" without the tragic ending.

IOnell S (ca) wrote: Muy buena ambientacion de la epoca. El inicio es muy intrigante y con el correr de la pelicula se van entiendo los motivos de lo ocurrido pero aun con las dudas de la culpabilidad del personaje. Sin duda los holandeses tienen muy buenas producciones filmicas que cada vez voy descubriendo. Y que bueno que ahora estoy explorando el catalogo de peliculas de la biblioteca jajaja..

Dorian J (mx) wrote: This film was weak. There wasn't any suspense to the film at all. The acting to me wasn't even good.

Demetrius N (gb) wrote: I think a lot of the reviews of this movie were made by people who are under the age of 40 or have recently watched it. In order to review a movie of this nature you need to understand the quality of movies made in the 80s and their style. Some regard Citizen Kane the greatest of all time, I don't because I was not from that film period. Taps is a fine example of some of Penn & Cruise's early work coupled with some late great work of Scott and maybe Hutton's best work ever. This movie deserves a lot better rating than 67% approval by the audience.

Kc L (es) wrote: 1978's version is more concentrate on the origin of the cause of the event, where 2007 Nicole Kidman's version is more concentrate on psychoanalysis.

Wilson M (ru) wrote: "To sleep is to be controlled,to be controlled means to kill,to kill means to awaken from the darkest dream"-Wilson McInnis. This film is truly a work of German Expressionism, and a great among the first "Silent-Horror films" in history.What can be seen as the first horror movie to me is a truth, but on its own its a great silent classic. As a sideshow Doctor(Werner Krauss) controls his somnambulist(Conrad Veidt) a story of impending darkness turns into dark hypnotic murder who will survive? I hope anyone who reads this will take time and watch this master classic and be amazed. -WIlson McInnis

Jordan J (br) wrote: To be honest I never actually remembered seeing this movie until I saw it come out one DVD. Then I remembered how great of a movie it was. This is a great Christmas movie for the entire family. You might not remember it but when someone brings it up, you may remember it was a great movie. A

Arash A (ca) wrote: of all the Oscars Scorsese SHOULD have won.....this should have been it....don't get me wrong "Ordinary People" is a good film...but compared to THIS.....Anyhow, just goes to show you how the Oscars don't mean anything.

Nick B (jp) wrote: This wasnt bad once it got into it and completley changed the whole tone of the movie which was sort of a surprise but I knew something weird was going on, so it ended up being better then I thought and the second half is pretty funny. I found Kris Kristofferson very annoying in this and he looked like a hobo.