Do Sholay

Do Sholay


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Do Sholay 1977 full movies, Do Sholay torrents movie

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Do Sholay torrent reviews

Rufio S (es) wrote: More mind blowing special effects from the master of hardcore gore

Cade H (mx) wrote: The Art of the Steal tries so hard to be a super sleek, top notch heist movie on the same level as Oceans 11. It has a decent cast, with some laughs and fun moments but in the end, it all leads up to a very average, run of the mill film. Kurt Russell as the lead gets a little boring over time but some of the side kicks are fun throughout and it makes for some interesting dynamics. The theft itself is very basic, but at the end when the whole ordeal is revealed, it turns out to be a very in depth crime that took lots of planning and time. I was surprised by that aspect of it, but the rest of the movie was very predictable. If you like a good heist movie there are plenty of other good ones out there that are better then Art of the Steal.

Dorianator F (ag) wrote: Pretty great movie. Very inspirational. I wish some teachers would care as much as the art teacher on the movie cared. The only flaw was that i couldn't understand what some people were saying, which made the movie pretty slow for me.

Theresa J (gb) wrote: Watch this before you start your holiday shopping. Reverend Billy is a bit nutty, but he has a very good point.

Christopher E (gb) wrote: Crap, though for the genre it is better than most.

Alexander W (es) wrote: Don't remember the film all too well, but I do remember it was very athmospheric and well shot (framed). +-1star uncertainty.

bill s (gb) wrote: A lot of actors made there bones on this film and rightfully so but Lee's even handed approach during the Kaos turns this film into a classic.

Justin A (de) wrote: Starts off well, the second act drags, and the third act tries to make up for lost time by wrapping up very anticlimactic.

Thomas P (kr) wrote: I wanted to like this SO much.Great cast - boxed in by one-note characters, and that alone slows the whole thing WAAAAAY down.Witty at times, good parody moments, but draaaags mercilessly. Especially the tacked-on, lame ending.If this were filmed before a live audience, these great talents could shine & there would be some really great moments. But alas it is not...It is written as a stage play that clearly didn't translate well to the screen.I think the high marks for this movie came from nostalgia buffs. I'm a nostalgia guy too, but I did expect more from these players.At about the 20 min. mark, you can tell they were "phoning it in" or just paying the rent.2 dull daggers out of 5

Russell G (fr) wrote: Now Moriarty is helping the Nazis and I'm suspecting these are getting cheap and formulaic. This one revolves around a bomber site, and oddly enough, it all gets a bit James Bond. Still a lot of fun.

Jason L (fr) wrote: If point of movie is to depress you, well done. Not because the movie is filled with emotion, but because you realize you will never get that time back.

Brad S (nl) wrote: This classic melodrama from Douglas Sirk isn't too far off from his other films that I have seen, yet somehow this one didn't work for me. It was a little too cheesy for my taste. Sirk definitely knows how to use colour though and the film looks great. See it and judge for yourself.

katsist (br) wrote: Not good but it is not entirely bad in my opinion. Yeah the musical numbers are bad, the acting is either over the top or non existent, and the references are not clever. The over acting can be hilarious at times, the way they incorporated animation and scenes from the comic book was neat in my opinion. I blame the producers because they cut the funny parts out, and the source material was watered down.

Alexander P (gb) wrote: poor followup - yawning all the way