Do You Believe in Swedish Sin?

Do You Believe in Swedish Sin?

A German sociologist goes to Sweden to investigate whether the Swedish sin is myth or not. He stations himself in a student home for girls. His fiancée in Berlin fantasizes about the study, and to allay her worries she packs her bags and goes to find him, to convince him to come home.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sex,  

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Do You Believe in Swedish Sin? torrent reviews

Ms A (br) wrote: Visually stunning, and I liked Val Kilmer, but this movie fell a little short.

Pui T (br) wrote: it's a very poor ending...

Jacob H (ru) wrote: This film is amazing and it,s got good GGI

Zarinah H (br) wrote: Ousmane Sembene is a renowned name in African cinema ("Black Girl") and in "Moolade", he shows that even at an advanced age, he hasn't lost his magic touch. The film revolves around the subject of female genital mutilation (FGM) which is a rampant practice in Africa. Deriving in part from the Muslim faith, it is actually deeply rooted in tradition and is seen more as a cultural practice than driven by religion (I say this because I grew up in Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country, and my female Muslim friends were not subjected to this barbaric act).When one really looks at it, the practice is one enforced by a patriarchal society to subjugate its females, seeing that the clitoris (which is excised in the ritual) acts as a means of sexual pleasure for women. By excising this little piece of flesh, control is exerted over women, and this so-called "purification" ritual is seen as a means to prevent women from straying, however preposterous that may seem to many of us.The story takes place in an African village where a few girls try to evade FGM by seeking shelter with Colle Gallo Ardo Sy, who herself had lost two daughters to this monstrous act ( often, this ritual is carried out via unhygienic means, using shards of glass, rusty razor blades, etc resulting in infection and eventually death). Colle uses "moolaade" to seek asylum, marking her doorway with a rope that acts as a protective measure against the 'salindana' or women circumcisers and anyone else that wish to take the girls away (for fear of an ancient curse). Matters are further complicated with the return of a young man from the village whose time spent abroad in France has broadened his worldview. The story in essence captures the stand-off between the tradition-bound village folk and those who decry the barbarity of FGM.Fatoumata Coulibaly's performance as the strong-willed and determined Colle is a sight to behold indeed, especially with the return of her own husband and the portrayal of the dynamics of their relationship. The optimism in the end may seem a tad misplaced if only because FGM is far from being eradicated in some parts of the world, but it serves as a stark reminder that any cultural tradition that is out of sync with a civilized world can and should be challenged, and this extends beyond FGM to child marriages in India, the practice of burning young brides due to unpaid/insufficient dowries, honor killings, and many more worthy causes.

Carlos M (us) wrote: This is an interesting yet certainly not memorable drama with fine performances and a strong story about family, religion and faith in the context of the decadence of British aristocracy prior to WWII, and it may leave you thinking about it long after the film is over.

Niloo R (br) wrote: i like farce as much as anyone, but this movie was just plain stupid. it was trying to be really funny, but wasn't, at all. not so bad that it makes you mad, but pretty bad in it's genre, especially with films like austin powers out there that do everything this film fails to.

Jayakrishnan R (fr) wrote: All the nude scenes in the world can't save this shit

Lee M (es) wrote: Uneven but also unflaggingly lively.

Zach M (kr) wrote: Was kind of disappointed with this one because I have always liked Robot Jox and always wanted to see this one thinking it had to be just as good, but it was fairly boring and they didn't put the robots in enough fights.

Ian M (mx) wrote: Much less sophisticated than Alea's earlier Memories of Underdevelopment, and I didn't like how homosexuality was representated as flamboyant and predatory.

Marilee A (br) wrote: Powerful Movie.Meg Tilly as the Nun who had a baby that was Mysteriously Murdered was so superb that you could Feel her Pain.Jane Fonda was, as always, amazing, but Meg Tilly was Memorable.Don't know why she isn't a Big Star

Daniel A (br) wrote: A fine rock & roll yarn.

James G (jp) wrote: Amazing acting by Tom Hanks. Amazing film!!

William M (de) wrote: The animation may be outdated but this visually stunning, emotionally gripping masterwork animation film is simply one of the best, if not the best animated film of the 70s. The story is quite the same in the beginning but takes a twist of a turn when Jack scurries up the Beanstalk. We have a princess who floats on clouds, enchanted by an evil witch's spell who wants to pawn her son, the giant, to marry the princess so she can rule the castle in the clouds. The princess inhales a 'magic potion' the witch makes her take in order to stay in the catataonic state she is in,--yes, her eyes are dialated. The songs are pretty much hit or miss, with only a couple misses--jack's songs. They're very disney-esque and simplistic in their writing. The rest, are brilliant though. "Miracles Will Happen" (sung by the Beanstalk), "Silent Moon" (sung by Crosby, Jack's Dog) and "Are you Happy?" (sung by the Preist) are all very haunting, melodic, and somewhat depressing lyrically. I really empathize with the characters in this film. We even feel sorry for Tulip, the Giant at times. The real villian in the film is the witch, Hecuba. There's not an ounce of good in her and that's what makes her a classic animated villian. The aspect that works best about the film is it's score and songs. The score is VERY reminscent of Pink Floyd music, and the entire film has a VERY trippy feel to it. For example, when Jack climbs the Beanstalk the clouds start turning pink, purple and he stares in awe as if he's in an acid trip all on his own as the score plays. Aside from the Princess's eyes being dialated at all times due to her "medication" the Dog has hallucinations at times that have nothing to do with the film really. I'm not sure if the makers of this film were on drugs when they made it but whatever they were on I'm glad, because it's spectacular. If you like animated films, or espeically anime, you should definitely check this out. If you like musicals, you should check it out. If you like the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and have always wondered how it would be like with a darker twist, you should check it out. I'd even go to say if you enjoy movies period: see this film. It may not be a film for everyone, but for people that appreciate animation musical films, trippy or dark films, then this is right up your alley.