Do You Really Love Me?

Do You Really Love Me?

An affectionate documentary reading of multilingual love. A short, light hearted insight into the world of multi-lingual couples in Europe. The film follows six couples from across Southern...

An affectionate documentary reading of multilingual love. A short, light hearted insight into the world of multi-lingual couples in Europe. The film follows six couples from across Southern... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon H (us) wrote: Should be on the national curriculum for digital literacy, a good insight into how privacy, data, platforms and algorithms really work - "If it's free, you're the product"

Lisa M (ru) wrote: One of the best, funniest and most entertaining docs I've seen in a while. Loved it.

Sarfara A (jp) wrote: Ajami an Oscar-nominated for 'Foreign Language Film'. This film so vividly portrays horrors of guns and neighborhoods. It is moving and non-stop drama, which encapsulates lives few individuals partly involved in their own issues; which however inter-relate with each other. I must appreciate the cinematography and locations of the film, which bring far more realistic touch to the film.

Pascal G (fr) wrote: l'affiche avait l'air pourtant de prsager un bon film..... l'absence totale d'toile veut tout dire..

Trent C (ag) wrote: Gus Van Sant wastes too much time during the movie instead of having something actually happen. Internal struggles are fine, but this story would be better off remaining as a written piece, because there is no visual appeal to this. The conflict exists for only a moment and the movie is all about emotionally dealing with that one scuffle, not to say it isn't emotionally important, but there should be more to a feature length movie than what was delivered.

Justin M (de) wrote: I really had high hopes for this one. Veiko Ounpuu's The Temptation Of St. Tony was one of the most stunning films I had seen in some time. It combined so many elements for a truly stunning film. This one though? Well, watching it the film looked very familiar, I couldn't quite place why and then I realized I had tried watching the film before but was so bored that I skipped around looking for an interesting scene, but not finding one I decided to not finish the film. This time I sat through the entire film, but at the end of it was completely indifferent. I hoped perhaps it would give me insight into it's country of origin (Estonia), but I sincerely doubt any element of "normal" is to be found here. This film is made up of very unhappy people for reasons I couldn't understand, and as far as I could tell, any advance they made to bettering their station in life would be completely by accident. They are perfectly content to act out their miserableness in an urban wasteland where no one seems to be willing be so impolite as to restrict someone from acting gross misconduct in public. Where does the money come from to allow such lifestyles to continue? How could people be so tolerant? I think the answer could be summed up in the words, "pretentious script." Oh well, nearly every good director has at least one mind numbingly pretentious film in their cannon.

Hans J E (fr) wrote: If you're crazy about surfboarding and I mean absolutely crazy about it, then you might like this movie. If not, then I am quite certain that you won't find much here.

Billy M (it) wrote: I can't say I didn't enjoy watching the last match. This movie gave us Jason Statham which I am thankful. His character Monk is definitely the best in the film, too bad he wasn't introduced until a third of the way through the film. One thing that takes a lot a way from the film is that Adam Sandler did it better. I was pretty bored until they Played the guards.

Jai K (nl) wrote: My favourite actress. I wish 'A West LAke Moment' is on flixster as well but... Both movies I love.

Ben L (kr) wrote: I like the idea of a murder mystery film that revolves around the story of Jack the Ripper. I've always been a fan of a good procedural detective story, and when you focus it on one of the most iconic serial killers of all time it makes things really interesting. Sadly, I don't think the fascinating concept is handled all that well in this film. For one thing they add in all these trippy mystical elements that do nothing to further the plot. Johnny Depp's character having drug-induced psychic visions is such a strange choice and it doesn't have a reason to exist in this film. The elaborate dark rituals of the Freemasons also seemed out of place, and merely shoehorned in so they could cast suspicion on more characters.Johnny Depp isn't terrible as the lead investigator, but his British accent is too reminiscent of Captain Jack Sparrow so it's hard for me to take him seriously. Heather Graham was a terrible casting choice. I do not think she is a very good actress, and she does nothing to make the viewer connect with Mary Kelly. They try to make the viewer emotional about her potential death and other bad things that happen to her, but I felt nothing. Robbie Coltrane was a nice stable force as Depp's partner. I thought he actually brought more of the serious tone that I couldn't detect in the other performances. Finally there was Ian Holm, who delivered brilliantly throughout as I expected and added gravitas to a movie that desperately needed it.Without spoiling anything in this movie, I will say that they did their best to keep you guessing as to Jack's identity and motive. In fact, for a little while, I thought they'd leave it as a mystery for us in the audience to keep guessing just like in real life. But when he starts to speak, the identity is obvious because they don't do enough to disguise the voice. If you end up not recognizing the voice, then perhaps you will be enthralled by all the possibilities since they keep adding more characters that might be guilty. For me it was disappointing when 30 minutes into a 2-hour murder mystery I guessed who the killer was not by clues, but just lazy film-making. As you can tell, I was a bit disappointed with From Hell. I think there's a good concept in the core of the film, but the movie constructed around that concept is weak.

Private U (nl) wrote: Abby from ER is the star...of course I'm gonna love it!!!

Prayfon P (br) wrote: Very touchy!!! Sob...Sob!!

Mike B (kr) wrote: Von Sydow is excellent.

Urban E (ru) wrote: Kurosawa's last film is heartfelt. Obviously reflecting on his own life as artist/teacher.

Allan C (kr) wrote: Director Simon Winder was coming off his highly successful adaptation of "Lonesome Dove" when he directed this likable western set in his native Australia. I also remember this film being very popular when it came out and I think it was so popular because it came out during a time where few westerns were being made and this film, despite the Australian setting was very much a throwback to old Hollywood westerns. Tom Selleck plays an American sharpshooter who goes down under for a job working for evil land baron Alan Rickman. Selleck takes an immediate dislike to Rickman and Rickman's thugs then spend most of the movie chasing him, along with a half crazed Laura San Giacomo, across the outback. The story is a pretty familiar western ranchers vs. the little guy story, but the film overcomes the weak story and weak characterizations with the gorgeous Australian setting and Selleck (about as quintessentially "American" an actor as you can get) being perfectly cast. Add in a rousing score by Basil Poledouris and you have a solidly entertaining western.

Aaron T (fr) wrote: i cried. a lot. when i was five. painfully good.

Lee R (it) wrote: This movie is sort of like a comedy version of Mad Men, and I mean that in a good way; in the way it captures an era.More American Graffiti is on the surface a simple light comedy, but it's a deceptively well crafted movie. Beneath the silly fluff and the several interlaced plots, without heavy handed parody or satire, the movie makers slyly craft a time capsule of that moment in history. Not that it's all that profound or that it has some secret message; just that it's entertaining on multiple levels. It's really sort of intellectual and silly at the same time. In short, this one of my very favorite movies ever. MAG is also a bit like the recent movie "super 8" in that it's not just about what it's about; the whole movie is almost like a doctoral thesis on how to make a movie; it's mostly put together like a Swiss watch, tho it's not a perfect movie, it's got my vote for "the best movie no one has ever seen."One negative: Ron Howard gives such a lazy wooden performance that it's distracting when he's on screen. He's an excellent director today; but as an actor at that time, at least in this movie; ouch. OTOH, Charlie Martin Smith's performance is nothing less than superb.MAG is nothing like the original except some of the original actors playing expanded versions of their original characters. The original was a straight-ahead simple story in real time about one night; what you see is what you get. If you're expecting more of that, you will be disappointed in MAG. MAG is a very different movie; more of a deep dive into the American psyche at the time; and the humor is British subtle, a brilliant combination; but far from current trends like the "hangover" style gross-out comedy. It's not for every one.So, my strongest recommendation to find it and see it; if you don't like the first 15 minutes, turn it off; but if it grabs you, enjoy!

Tommy K (de) wrote: Despite Rosie O'Donnell's presence and a weak villain, the movie manages to redeem itself with some dark and emotional moments, brilliant chemistry between the two love leads, breathtaking animation, and an awesome Phil Collins soundtrack.