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Kay L (br) wrote: Cute romcom en francaise.

Ramn M (ag) wrote: Muy buena pelcula de animacin espaola sobre la tercera edad y el arzheimer

Cam D (nl) wrote: While it was in fact a good movie... The story was a bit hard to follow.

Brad M (au) wrote: Interesting documentary.

Joshua O (de) wrote: Do you know how to control your own mind?

Daniel C (de) wrote: Jean-Luc Picard as you have never seen him before!


Joey F (ag) wrote: Anime inception. That's basically the premise although this did come out first. Satoshi Kon's final film is, in my opinion, the weakest. The characters aren't interesting and neither is the story, but frankly that's not what the film is really interested in. It's interested in giving you nightmare fuel for the rest of your life. This movie has some of the most creative, inventive, and just downright insane visuals you'll ever see in animation. That alone makes this film worth watching time and time again.

Bill B (us) wrote: Okay, so here's my initial feelings on the first time watch:"This gets an extra half star for some assorted nudity, but on the whole it's a rather wasted endeavor, as it wastes most of the death scenes due to poor editing.The plot gets bizarrely complicated with a peeping tom janitor and a gang who are ratted out to the cops by one of our characters, building to a strangely action oriented ending instead of something more akin to the normal horror film."Having given it a second look I would have to bump my rating my a full star on the second viewing, just because it gets so fucking weird in the latter half, which is immensely entertaining.Rental? A cautious rental?

Randy T (es) wrote: To say that this is a cheap production would be an insult to cheap productions. It's not funny-bad or campy-bad, it's just plain bad-bad. Watch it if you must but be prepared for a healthy dose of "I told you so".

James O (ru) wrote: Tom Hanks in fine form and the acting by the Somali crew was also on point. Builds the tension well and the story remains interesting throughout even though we all know how everything is going to pan out from the outset.

Chriy G (ca) wrote: It's a sweet warm film and it's a storyline and message but sadly i felt the film in general and the humour was a little old-fashion, although Bill Murray did play his part really well. can't help be very it could be so much better.

Andrey B (gb) wrote: Good old-fashioned thriller with predictable plot but well-crafted execution.

Scott M (ru) wrote: I've loved this movie since it came out 30 years ago. Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, and Sigorney Weaver are all perfect. Just amazing together. I'd consider it one of the best movies of the 80's, and even of all time.

Alex F (ag) wrote: Re released in the UK in a gala premiere, this fantastic film is celebrating 50 years of being produced and released in 1964. #Zulu #MichaelCaine