Doctor Dolittle

Doctor Dolittle

A successful physician and devoted family man, John Dolittle (Eddie Murphy) seems to have the world by the tail, until a long suppressed talent he possessed as a child, the ability to communicate with animals is suddenly reawakened with a vengeance! Now every creature within squawking distance wants the good doctor's advice, unleashing an outrageous chain of events that turns his world upside down!

Dr. John Dolittle has a wonderful life with a beautiful wife and two adorable daughters. One day, his childhood ability is back: to be able to talk with animals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Troy K (ca) wrote: Fun to watch but a ridiculous chain of events.

Walter M (gb) wrote: In "Humboldt County," Peter(Jeremy Strong) botches his final exam so badly that even his father(Peter Bogdanovich) is forced to fail him, making him lose out on a prestigious residency as a result. Finding solace in the arms and body of Bogart(Fairuza Balk), a jazz singer, Peter with nothing better to do decides to also accompany her north to her family home in Northern California. And then she promptly abandons him to the care of Rosie(Frances Conroy) and Jack(Brad Dourif). But once Max(Chris Messina) takes care of an irrigation problem, he will drop off Peter at the bus stop. The problem with "Humboldt County" is not its wanting to attempt a fish out of water comedy which could still work under the right circumstances. Which this isn't. Because once Fairuza Balk and her goofy grin leave the premises, the movie falls flat, especially in the all-important character development department. Of course, that's what happens when you have a protagonist who is not even awkward or uptight(which would be bad enough for a prospective doctor) but totally unresponsive. That leaves Frances Conroy, Brad Dourif and the usually reliable Chris Messina very little to work with. But the second to last shot, an extended one, is rather lovely.

Lavinia G (it) wrote: this pointless movie shouldve bypassed the telly and gone straight to the bin. avoid avoid avoid!!!

Andrew T (es) wrote: A disappointing adaptation of the play, with sledgehammer-mounted messages, a forced-feeling plot, and too many "poignant" interludes creating an overwhelming sense of "worth" - which you oughtta guess from seeing Stephen Daldry's name in the credits. Great performances from the two boys though.

Ryan W (es) wrote: One of the few movie parodies that actually pulls it off as one of the better ones. The songs in the film are well done and entertaining and although some of the films comedy is somewhat over the top. This parade actually does deliver a fair amount of laughs.

Francisco Z (de) wrote: Ah tiene su HP casa pintada!!!

Bob W (ca) wrote: A charming slice of Civil War era Quaker family peace and unrest. Ensemble is well cast. Steers clear of the real tensions facing patriotic protection of the home turf and pacifist sensibilities. Mostly the religious values portrayed break down for each of the main characters when push comes to shove. Released in the height of the Cold War hysteria, the film avoids anti-war sentiment.

Dustin M (nl) wrote: You have no idea how surprised I am. "Date and Switch" is a charming and completely refreshing teen film. It's honestly written, naturally performed(I expect big things from Nicholas Braun and Dakota Johnson), and really funny at times. But it's not especially memorable or constantly funny like "Superbad" was, but it's much more entertaining, heartwarming, and honest than "American Pie" was. A delightful surprise.

Andrew G (ru) wrote: It's a formulaic, cheesy '80s slice-and-dice romp, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thoroughly entertained from beginning to end.