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Scott C (gb) wrote: Wow! This would have gotten a much higher rating if it weren't for the contrived found-footage angle. Gene Jones was terrifying!

Mohammad N (es) wrote: I was just disappointed

Teddy V (au) wrote: Difficult to finish. Poor Mr. Costner...

Todd W (ru) wrote: I hurt for the women & men that have been abused by shameful cowards. Pray that they find peace and joy!

Kendall I (ru) wrote: This is a review of the extended version. PLOT/SUBJECT:James Cameron organizes a trip down in the Mediterranean Sea in special-made submersibles with atsronomers to explore the space below us as the astronomers plan to explore the space above them. It's pretty much a comparison from under space to outer space. I love marine biology so this was my kind, but its cross with astronomy kinda made it jump around too much. ACTING:Or people. Pretty cool people, but some got on my nerves. OTHER CONTENT:Don't think there was any score. But anyway, the creatures, depths, and living conditions were fantastic. But if you're going to watch the extended version all the way through, then drink a cup of coffee! It's very easy to fall asleep to. That's why it's rated lower: the jumps, nervy people, and the easiness to fall asleep. OVERALL,a good documentary with a great subject that can be kind of jumpy, some good and some nervy people, and the ability to make you fall asleep.

Dejan Z (jp) wrote: eden od naj opasnite trileri od tipot na got to see it

John A (de) wrote: Ascension Is The Sequel To Dracula 2000, And Despite Having The Same Writers & Director, There Are Holes In It's Plot. The Characters This Time Are Bland And You Couldn't Care For Any Of Them. This Slow-Burn Horror Thriller Accumulates Till The Really Bad Climactic Battle.

Luciano J (ru) wrote: Direo de arte primorosa, fotografia perfeita e uma atuao memorvel do Lazaro Ramos

Private U (ru) wrote: a disaster. Couldn't believe people still make movies this stupid and boring.

Denise H (ag) wrote: It's 1922...somewhere in the Australian outback (wilderness). An aboriginal tracker (leading role played by David Gulpilil) is following the trail of another aborigine who's been accused of murdering a white woman. With him are 3 white older policeman (in charge of the search), his young policeman assistant (very "green"), and a middle-aged man who's been drafted into the search group. As the search continues the senior policeman exhibits his coarse racial bigotry (common in Australia during that time). The younger policeman is sickened by the older man's actions and his attitude toward "blacks". And all along the trail the search is "controlled" by the tracker. Watch his actions and facial expressions...subservient on the one hand...methodically cunning on the next. The last few minutes of dialogue finish off the story. The soundtrack is sad and haunting. David Gulpilil is perfect in his role!

Josep P (au) wrote: El general de la Rovere [1959]

Scott B (fr) wrote: A guilty pleasure. Oh look, I know this movie is awful, but FFS, Bond parasails away from a frigging TIDAL WAVE at one point. If that isn't comedy gold, I don't know what is.

Rd M (jp) wrote: I've seen this movie like 5 times. So I'm clearly biased. But... I learned so much from it. For instance how sometimes we overlook someone because we're blind. Oftentimes an iridescent person can be hidden behind the curtains of simplicity...

ANDERSON G (it) wrote: The obsession of a man to undertake portrayed so faithfully that scares, perhaps the set of techniques brilliantly used by Paul Thomas Anderson that makes this film enchant and disturb at the same time is a human retraction, dirty and beautiful, a factor that contributes significantly is the soundtrack used by Paul and composed by Jonny Greenwood, very reminiscent of Kubrick's films, counterpoint beautiful scenery, the black oil mud, the sun from west to shed blood, you feel all the soundtrack is great, photography is as good as, open plans that Paul uses are always awesome, and the performances are incredible, if the film is great, half of that credit goes to the performances, beginning with Daniel Day-Lewis arrives to scare so transformed that character is Paul Dano is also great, and it really gets inside the character, can criticize the sermons he gives up being stressed or even false, but his character is false and forced.The script is not brilliant, but has many more virtues than faults, it is tightly closed in himself, and has a great character development, though sometimes leave a little vague objective thereof, and after a while the rhythm is lost a little, but for those who are already completely immersed in the story, it makes no difference, "Blood" is a great movie.The end may be medium dubio, I have friends who saw and understood nothing, Daniel Plainview is a psychopath? No, Daniel is a sincere and flawed man, he admits his ambition, he confronts his mistakes, and to a certain point is recognized as a "sinner," and is always judged by that, which he admits is other fallible humans who do not take their mistakes and are well regarded for it is for this reason that Eli's character bothers you so much, because it is as sinful as Daniel, and yet is always well seen (this is clear in the train scene, to where Eli part for their mission), and this character shift socially acceptable pursues and makes you want to fix your way nothing methodical and obsessive, it is clear when he kills the false brother and the false prophet making them confess their faults before they died .Forgive my English translator google.