Documental No. 1

Documental No. 1


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:20 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Documental No. 1 2000 full movies, Documental No. 1 torrents movie
  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Itachi8x
  • Country:Argentina
  • Director:Federico Badía
  • Writer:Federico Badía

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Documental No. 1 torrent reviews

Paul N (es) wrote: This film is OK, intriguing story fairly well played out, I think this film came out a bit too late to manage to grab attention from all those Hell Raiser and mystery object movie buffs and so falls flat on its face with no audience who wants to watch it. That said it is part of my DVD collection and I'm sure I'll watch it again in maybe 30 years once I have forgotten it.

Walter M (us) wrote: In "Dead Cert," fearing a fixed race, Bill Davidson(Ian Hogg) and Alan York(Scott Antony) take the reins of their horses in a scheduled race. And then tragedy strikes when Bill is killed when his horse collapses on him during the race. Even after the inquest returns with a ruling of accidental death, Alan continues to claim that his friend was murdered. Which might not be such a smart idea, considering Alan is having an affair with Bill's widow Laura(Judi Dench).To be honest, "Dead Cert" does not get off to a bad start, setting its central mystery into motion quickly and efficiently. But sadly, the mystery is not executed at all well, relying on a harebrained scheme to drive the shaky plot, nor really able to take advantage of the milieu the movie is set in. Plus, Scott Antony really is not much of a lead and Judi Dench is not yet Judi Dench. That leaves it to Julian Glover to make any kind of impression.

Chica E (jp) wrote: I??ve wasted 1hr 59 minutes of my life watching this movie. Boasting a weak plot, the slowness of this movie is painful; watching grass grow would be more satisfying. The CIA should show this movie to prisoners in Guantanamo Bay as torture.

Raiyan Mahmood M (de) wrote: it has all the elements to be a good horror movie.

Glenn C (au) wrote: Alabama Moon is a great little family film from the director of Second Hand Lions, and like that film this is a unique and unusual story about a lonely pre-teen boy. Raised in the wilderness by his paranoid and government-fearing father, Moon finds himself alone when his old man passes away from an infection. Eventually caught he ends up in a youth detention fascility where he and a few other kids stage a daring escape. The movie is complex and rather heavy for a family film but its one that will have the kids asking questions... which is good. To draw any kind of comparisons is difficult but I guess you could liken it to Stand By Me crossed with Holes. Well worth a look and refreshingly original... especialy for a family flick.

Max W (au) wrote: At least a rotten score.

David A (ag) wrote: Tragic, gut-wrenching, and doesn't hold any breathing room; "Lone Survivor" easily demonstrates the heart and soul of the people in the United States' NAVY Seals. They're heroes who will risk anything for their country and their brothers and sisters who they trained with. The movie is violent, bloody, and non-stop tension. Mark Wahlberg and the rest of the cast did an excellent job in bringing their real-life counterpart heroes to life. We feel and actually care for them. It's sad that we're living in a world that this kind of violence happen everyday. No one deserves this. War just brings more blood loss than joy.

Nina A (de) wrote: Nothing excite bout this film. How could you beat ghost with baseball bat.. totally boring..

Paul D (de) wrote: The style of the fllm doesn't quite work because it faiils to complement the comedy, which just fails.

Pablo Martin P (nl) wrote: Strange one, our generation. Between the "me and only me" of the eighties and the "i don't care" youth of the two thousands. The late stage of capitalism is here, and in Finland too. The myth of the social democrat society falls with a thump in this beautiful minimalist film from Aki Kaurismaki.With silences and soft pastels, Kaurismaki tells the story of a couple that founds itself unemployed and with debts. Slowly but unrelently they fall not by the cracks but in the pit of capitalism' forgotten. And with them they take a bunch of workers and start to visit the world of despair and bleakness of those that look for job knowing there is no one.So the end is near and Kaurismaki suggest to us that the solution is to generate from the inside, to forget about the job market and make what we want by ourselves. Is the film's solution naive? It is if we think it from the capitalist perspective. But demonstrates that all that workers have a potential that is being spoiled by the actual societal arrangements. With a providential backer (other than the "we don't take risks" banks) our society (all of human society) could be a better place to work, and live.

Kari K (nl) wrote: A Highly styLized horror, considering that it comes from B-Movie factory Troma Studios. More known for their films with more over the top nudity and gore such as Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke'em High. Director James Bond III and Cinematographer Ernest Dickenson really make this one their own.

Don D (br) wrote: I didn't really like the story this movie was based on, so it's not all that surprising that I didn't like the movie. That being said, the monster just looks absolutely ridiculous. This is really a kids movie; I can see it being perfect for twelve- or thirteen-year-olds who want to stay up late to watch a "horror" movie.

Lee W (fr) wrote: One of the most overrated movies ever.

Daniel P (fr) wrote: With excellent lead performances from Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz, Big Eyes is a fascinating and thoroughly entertaining Tim Burton film that shows he has more range than some might think.

Kristen K (jp) wrote: Another movie I used to love when I was younger