Dodge City

Dodge City

Michael Curtiz's epic Western stars Errol Flynn as Wade Hatton, a wagon master turned sheriff who tames a cow town at the end of a railroad line.

A Texas cattle agent witnesses first hand, the brutal lawlessness of Dodge City and takes the job of sheriff to clean the town up. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff A (au) wrote: Because sometimes McCarthy comes off a bit forced.

Rob B (es) wrote: Enjoyed the film. A film that makes you feel hopeful that good thing and people do exist.

Mary C (gb) wrote: Great film! captured the aftermath of these dreadfull shootings that happen in America. The music was awesome; well done Simon Steadman

Jacob F (ag) wrote: It's a nice trip back in time to the golden age of New World Pictures, but it doesn't spend time on the most interesting facet of this side of the story: the role of the Marcos regime in making exploitation films. I could have also used some more Weng Weng. Everyone could use a bit more Weng Weng.

Kevin H (it) wrote: Suprising and compelling throughout, and Jam-packed with well-developed characters and relationships

Sean S (it) wrote: Forced removal and deportation from your family to a life of hard labor and abuse in a "Christian" home. Yep just another glorious example of the benefits of religion to our lives.. those who wish to oppress others with their personal version of morality.

Elliott E (es) wrote: This was one of the most open dialogues behind the struggles in and around the middle east. I found the historical perspective to be very germane to today's troubles. It's not a big budget film, so keep expectations in the realm of historical drama. Each perspective is skillfully developed, even a child could understand the complexities addressed in this film.

Sarah M (de) wrote: I saw this movie when I was waaay to young for it I think third grade at a friends house on tv maybe? Now watching it I find it at times low buck but very entertaining for the bar scenes not caring for her singing or the romance too much. I about flipped when I realized Tyra was in this movie. Disappointed with the ending but I still like this movie.

bill s (kr) wrote: One of the better tearjerkers ever made ,add the superb acting and good script and you see how it won Best Picture.

Sam M (ag) wrote: Quite thrilling actually for fairly average, but there's worse.

Ryan B (br) wrote: Yea i have a black cousin who was watching this movie on netflix onetime and i got pissed... Then my other black cousin walked in while mycousin was still watching the film so i even got more pissed... Then mymom walked in the room and she was like "i am fucking pissed", i amreporting you to the cops because that is racist.. People fought forthere freedom and wouldn't let watching this shit... But on an othernote i loved the movie.

Beth B (us) wrote: Fabulous movie. Loved the music and am much better informed about the story behind the lyrics. Amazing impact he had on people. Taken too young.

Stiven S (it) wrote: Worst movie ever, does not make sense and has the worst story of anything DON'T EVER WATCH IT !!!!

Jordan H (de) wrote: love it great job Warner brothers