An adaptation of Sinclair Lewis' novel about a middle-aged American automobile tycoon who retires and goes to Europe, where he and his appearance-conscious, snobbish wife find differing sets of values... and new relationships.

A retired auto manufacturer and his wife take a long-planned European vacation only to find that they want very different things from life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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laura20 c (fr) wrote: As atuaes do filme so boas. Jennifer Connely tem uma personagem bastante superficial, Dawn ex- miss, casou com o cara perfeito, teve uma filha linda e vive no campo afastada da cidade. O personagem uma interpretao da vida perfeita americana naquele tempo ((40's to 70's). Conforme no desenvolver do filme, conseguimos ver que ela sofre com esse papel de "mulher perfeita". Ela no simplesmente "a ex-miss esposa do Swede". Ela mais.[spoiler] na cena em que Dawn esta no hospital com Swede, ela revela (do prprio modo) que meio que odeia ter que viver atravs do status de mulher perfeita. Ela tambm revela que no queria ser Miss New Jersey, queria ter ido pra faculdade, queria ter lecionado msica nas escolas[/spoiler]. Um retrato muito normal das mulheres daquela poca, em que aps casadas, se tornavam donas de casa, abandonando os prprios sonhos. Patriarcalismo puro.Dakota Fanning est relativamente bem no filme, particularmente eu no gosto muito dela como atriz, acho que com o tempo ela foi ficando uma atriz mediana. A personagem que a Dakota interpreta Merry, uma personagem extremamente profunda, cheia de opinies polticas (algumas bem extremistas), forte. O extremo oposto de Dawn, sua me. Acho que se outra atriz tivesse interpretado a personagem, Merry teria sido muito mais visceral, mais intensa. Ewan Mcgregor como sempre fez uma tima performance. Swede ( Seymour) era popular na escola, o melhor jogador de futebol, rico, patriota. Casou-se com a mulher mais bonita da cidade, morava em um lugar tranquilo, tinha uma filha linda.. Enfim vida perfeita bem estilo "american way of life". intenso ver Swede se desprender dosprprios paradigmas. Ele constantemente confrontado por Merry. [spoiler] Na cena em que ele confronta a psicologa de Merry/famlia, sobre ela ter escondido merry e ele conta para a psicologa que Merry foi estuprada, a cena poderia ter sido muito mais intensa. Pois um pai contando para a pessoa que sua filha foi estuprada. [/spoiler] Ewan fez uma cena forte, mas poderia ter sido mais intensa, mais chocante. Como diretor do filme, achei que ele fez um timo trabalho para a primeira vez em que dirigiu.[spoiler]Ainda estou tentando entender o porqu da cena em que Merry pede um beijo para o pai, acho que talvez tenha sido pra mostrar o quo reckless ou apegada ao pai ela era [/spoiler]Uzo Aduba s t l. Atuou bem, como sempre, mas no sabemos nada sobre o personagem e aparece, no total, uns 15mins de filme. Achei timo o final do filme.

Miedy B (au) wrote: One and a half star, because the second story (it has three stories) was not as bad as the rest.

Will C (br) wrote: Its exactly as I exspected it to be like.

Joshua E (de) wrote: The animation was great & the rips on other movies were funny but the plot was weak. I enjoyed the movie only because I was bored. If I could have that hour and a half back I'd read a book instead.

Steve S (mx) wrote: *1/2 (out of four) Silly special effects and an even sillier script makes this a pretty ridiculous horror film. A couple of the cast members are adequate, but they can't save this mess. Marc Blucas is a hard working man living in Reno. One day he meets a beautiful woman at a bar. That night she bites him. He soon finds out that she is as much an animal as she is a human. Making things worse, the part animal-boyfriend she left is on the prowl and looking for her.

Mandip S (us) wrote: Not all that it is akin to the Pujabi version of Rocky! But where Rocky/Sly trained and looked like boxers these guys definitely didn't but then again they are JATT!

Greg W (us) wrote: another winner from writer/director paul schrader

James B (nl) wrote: such a violent prison film. I liked it alot

Carlos M (gb) wrote: A wonderful dialogue-free animation - funny, odd and quite enchanting - that relies on a superb artwork and fabulous sound design, paying an enormous attention to its eccentric details, surreal touches, inventive scene transitions and extremely imaginative character traits.

Keenan S (br) wrote: Umm...what the fuck did I watch? It's hard to really put together the insanity and the mess that is Queen Of The Damned. And yet, I can't find it in me to hate it because I wasn't bored, it was strangely intriguing, oddly campy, stylized, trashy nonsense. I should hate it. I should be giving it a bad review because it's incompetent on a number of levels, but the B-movie fanatic in me can't hate it.The story tries to focus on three different characters. Lestat, after being asleep for many years is awakened by the music of a local rock band which he joins and turns them into international music stars, some chick named Jesse who works for a paranormal group called Talmasca who is intrigued by Lestat and wants to know more about him, and the queen of vampires named Akasha, who is awakened when Lestat issues a challenge for vampires to come out of hiding to get him, so she awakens and wants him - not to kill him, but to be with him.The lives of these characters intertwine and threaten the very world of vampires of their actions, and perhaps even humanity itself.The biggest problem in Queen Of The Damned is its story which is a disaster and seems to not have its priorities in order. Though it has three characters, the script is a jumbled mess which doesn't successfully develop these characters in the 100-odd-minute running time. The character Jesse was practically useless in the plot and I never cared about what happened to her character - she felt like an afterthought. When it comes to Lestat, he had an interesting back story and had all the elements needed for a brooding vampire character, but even he feels like he's cut short and could have used more development despite being the fucking main character. Most frustrating of all is how the script handles Akasha. I wanted to know about her character, as opposed to Lestat (And especially Jesse. Go away, you have no use!). The film is called Queen Of The Damned, why is she not the central character? She by far, had the most interesting ideas behind her character, but the script never fully utilizes her, which is tremendously frustrating at times.As far as the acting goes...most of it is pretty bad. But, it's bad in a fun way that had me chuckling and giggling because of how ludicrous it could be, especially when you combine bad acting with bad accents. However, the one performance I legitimately enjoyed was from the late Aaliyah as Akasha. Now, I haven't much exposure to Aaliyah (Hell, the only song I've heard from her was her beautiful rendition of Journey To The Past from the Anastasia soundtrack), but this film has certainly made me more curious about her. Though her performance could be a bit campy, it was never in a way that got on my nerves. There was something so strangely alluring and magnetic about her performance despite her shamefully short role. She made the role all her own and she commanded the screen whenever she appeared in a way that certainly held my attention and engaged me. I loved her strange and alluring performance, which is why at times I would get really frustrated when the film went back to Lestat or Jesse. I wanted to know more about her and wanted the film to be mostly about her. Still, with the acting as a whole, I got entertainment out of the actors for their spectacularly bad performances (Excluding Aaliyah, of course who delivered the only actual good performance).The horror is nonexistent, the acting is pretty terrible, Aaliyah's performance is magnetic and enamoring, the visuals are stylish and beautiful, the story is terrible and confusing, but filled with intriguing elements, the music is a fun mix of brooding screamo and other music, the special effects look tacky...and yet I had a lot of fun watching Queen Of The Damned because of all these elements which came together for a wonderful B-movie experience.It's easy to see why this film is so widely hated, but I could also see how it has developed into a cult sensation as well. I enjoyed it as a B-movie fanatic, but it's hard to calculate what people will of this film because it is so polarizing among audiences. I had my cheesy horror fun with some unexpected elements of greatness like Aaliyah's underrated performance. It's certainly an odd mess, but it sure is an entertaining mess.

Colin O (us) wrote: After accidentally discovering that Leland Carver is the secret identity of the presumed dead mobster Frank Lucchino, struggling actor Miles Pope finds himself running for his life, and ends up hiding in plain sight. His best friend Duane works as a make-up artist in the film industry and gives Miles a disguise no-one would ever suspect; he turns him into a white guy. By an unfortunate coincidence Miles gets mistaken for his own potential assassin and must work with Carver's beautiful interior designer to get himself out of trouble. Lenworth George Henry started his career on the ironically named talent show New Faces before moving to children's TV, most notably on the Saturday morning staple, Tiswas. He then moved on to star in a series of his own shows, and it's only fair to say became somewhat of a British comedy icon, if not an always fondly remembered one. By the end of the 1980's his popularity was at an all time high, and he managed to secure a three picture deal with Disney that should have launched his career worldwide. Director Charles Lane had made a name for himself with Sidewalk Stories, a silent black and white tale of a street artist (Charles Lane also starring) who finds himself taking care of an abandoned baby. It was fairly straight faced stuff, and I honestly don't know how that could have qualified him for this culture swap comedy. For a man born in the West Midlands Lenny does his best at an American accent, but fails. Maybe I'm just used to hearing his real voice, but it doesn't sound good to me. He had always performed sketch comedy with a variety of accents, but when he's put among actual New Yorkers it just becomes more obviously fake. True Identity isn't offensively bad, but at times does veer towards racism towards its Italian-American characters. They're all mobsters, and fairly stereotypical ones at that, and all the other white characters seem unwilling to help Miles, leaving him to take matters into his own hands. If I was to look for a deeper meaning within the film, I could say that this is a film about black empowerment; about playing the white man at his own game. It could also be read that a black man has no chance in this world until he starts to act white. Once his make-up has been applied, Miles' career and love life start to blossom, and he finally gets recognition for his acting. But I'm sure that's an unnecessarily in-depth reading of the film, and I'm definitely sure that they didn't put too much thought into this script; it really is just a rehashing of Tootsie's role reversal farce, but aimed at a different audience. This is a fairly stupid story built around the hook of an African-American man passing for a white Italian mobster. The make-up is actually quite impressive, just as long as you don't look too close. I'd say that to the naked eye it might be obviously fake, but there's a scene in this movie where Miles walks along a real New York sidewalk without getting so much as a second glance. Charles Lane also appears as Miles' diminutive best friend Duane, and it's clear he aspires to be known as an actor and not just a director. In that respect I can't help but compare him to Spike Lee, who also had a penchant for putting himself into his movies around the same time. He'd probably be glad of that comparison and he's okay in this, but there's no surprise that he's not been in much else. There's a few pleasantly comic scenes such as Miles' attempt at passing for James Brown's brother, or the scene that features blaxploitation legend Melvin Van Peebles as a taxi driver spouting his hatred of the white man. The love story with Kristi the designer is nothing more than generic and has obviously been tacked on to the story, serving no purpose really. With a budget of $15 million Disney were clearly hoping that this film could perform well at the box office, but maybe it was poor timing to release it deep in the summer of 1991. The only real rival being released that weekend was the Kenneth Branagh thriller Dead Again which, it's safe to say, was going for a different audience, but the multiplexes were all still showing Terminator 2, Hot Shots, Doc Hollywood and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves; all of which beat True Identity down into 11th place for the weekend. After the abysmal performance of this film at the box office, Disney cancelled Lenny's three picture deal and he returned to the UK to start what would become his most popular TV character in Chef!. He has appeared in films since, with a small voice acting role in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but has relied on TV work as the backbone of his career. Altogether it's a fun, cheesy, but completely ridiculous comedy. It's a shame Lenny Henry wasn't able to get any other roles off the back of this, but he was never going to be a leading man. There could have been a niche for him and this kind of film though, one which I'd say has now been filled by the Wayan's brothers with their particular brand of 'comedy'. As an interesting side note, it is Miles Pope's ultimate ambition to play Othello on stage, a role that Lenny Henry finally got to play himself on stage in early 2009. His reviews were actually quite good.

Austin W (jp) wrote: another jewel in the don bluth library all dogs go to heaven is heart warming, beautifully animated, and carries that don bluth charm plus who can argue with the magical voice of don deluise. this may not be on the same level as land before time but its well worth a watch and even an add to your collection.

Chris H (ru) wrote: Fighting tells the tale of Shawn MacArthur a homeless kid from Alabama who sells ipods and fake Harry Potter books on the streets of New York, When Shawn meets up with Harvey Boarden(Terrence Howard) a local street hustler, he gets introduced to the world of underground street fighting and dreams of a big payday.Channing Tatum delivers a decent performance given his limited range ala Mark Wahlberg, the role however calls for very little emotion other than act calm or act angry. Terrence Howard does as good a job as can be expected given the limits of the story. He at least try?s to make Harvey seem sympathetic given Harvey?s history.With a movie called fighting that runs close to 2 hours one would expect there to be quite a bit of fighting. Unfortunately there are a total of four fights. The movie is long on talking and short on both character development and fights. It takes an hour and a half to find out what happened between Shawn and is his father in college, which conveniently involves a pro fighter named Evan Hailey (Brian White) who just happens to hang out at the same club that Shawn does. There is also a Romance sublot involving a single mother waitress named Zulay (Zulay Henao) that does little for the story.There are multiple problems with Fighting first being that Shawn never trains for any of his fights or works out yet is in great physical shape and gets better in each fight. We learn Shawn was a college wrestler, but in his fights he uses very little in the way of his wrestling skill. What Shawn is really good at is taking a punch. Shawn was selling Ipods and books on the street in his first fight, he wins 5,000 dollars and then he talks to Harvey about how badly he needs money even though he hasn?t spent a dime of his winnings. The story is slow paced and nothing happens! There is little reason for you to root for Shawn or care about these people at all. Not to mention I counted at least 5 times I could see the Boom Mic enter the top of the frame. Fighting had potential but without much in the way of action or story this is barely worth a DVD rental.