Dog Nail Clipper

Dog Nail Clipper

Bright young soldier Mertsi suffers a permanent brain injury in the Second World War. In the late 1940s he wanders around the Finnish countryside looking for simple work and relying on ...

Bright young soldier Mertsi suffers a permanent brain injury in the Second World War. In the late 1940s he wanders around the Finnish countryside looking for simple work and relying on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caitlin L (it) wrote: I thought this was a sweet. Heather looks amazing in this movie. Robert Buckley is gorgeous in this.

Taddy B (it) wrote: I thought it was better than everyone said - probably because I didn't expect much of it. However, the film had much more potential and even though I did quite enjoy the beginning, it got more shallow and boring by the minute.

Parvinder (it) wrote: Great start to the series.

Private U (br) wrote: Get to know what modern Chinese kids get up to. Gritty, unapologetic and heart-meltingly insightful.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: Beautiful, but a bit doom laden. When will they show a happy homosexual?

James C (gb) wrote: After watching her partner being gunned down, a female police officer chases two gun dealers into a toy factory, and she soon realises that there is something else in the building with her.Anyone who knows me is fully aware that I have a soft spot for anything that comes from Charles Band's Full Moon company, and this is another 'fine' example of the kind of movie he is famous for. The basic story idea is very simple, but the use of location and the idea of possessed toys though quite silly, is also a little creepy at the same time. The characters all work well and the acting is suitably over the top. The gore and special effects are handled with a low budget glee that make them very fun to watch. All in all this movie is a little off the wall, even by Full Moon's standards, and though it looks and feels very amateurish now, it still has that certain something that makes it a fun way to spend 90 minutes if you are looking for a bit of retro, cheesy fun.

Johnny B (jp) wrote: well, that was something. This movie is almost like a horror film. There's some really creepy stuff in it. The visual style is great.

Sanjay P (es) wrote: Western with good scenery.

Allan C (fr) wrote: Brian De Palma covers a lot of the same ground he's previously covered in a number of his previous film, particularly "Blow Out," with a story that involves a political assassination, conspiracies, dirty cops, females in disguise, suspense set pieces, split screens, POV shots, long tracking shots, and so on and so forth. However, I'm a sucker for De Palma's style and although he's pretty much mining his previous work, it's still far better made than most other directors, creating terrific suspense and do it with terrific visual flair. David Koepp, who wrote De Palma's last great film "Carlito's Way," also wrote this film based upon a story by he and De Palma. The film also has a terrific cast that includes the usually annoying Nicolas Cage, but has an amazing supporting cast that includes Gary Sinise, John Heard, Kevin Dunn, Luis Guzmn, Mike Starr and Carla Gugino (who's one of my favorites and a criminally underused actress).

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