Dog Pound

Dog Pound

Three juvenile delinquents arrive at a correctional center and are put under the care of an experienced guard.

A car thief (Mateo Morales), a drug dealer (Shane Kippel) and a violent criminal (Adam Butcher) are sentenced to a correctional facility where they encounter gang violence, death, and harassment from staff and other inmates. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean D (mx) wrote: After about 91 years of vampire films, can you believe we still have some original films coming out? Who would've ever guessed, especially with a TV film. These things are hit and miss. This film is about what would happen if synthetic blood was given to the vampires who are coexisting on the planet along with the humans. However, the blood has been tainted, and instead of it serving its purpose, it ends up devolving the Vampire's into their previous flying creature form, which the only advantage is that they are more powerful...but at a loss of self control and are crazy and homicidal, going after both humans and vampires....this killing them both!

Nhung N (jp) wrote: Dull, shallow and is a very bad interpretation of what so-called love. And Owen Wilson let me down, as always

Zane M (kr) wrote: May have some mediocre elements throughout the movie, but Looper brings a fresh and interesting take within the Sci-Fi genre.

thomas m (kr) wrote: unfulfilled beginning as the middle frays and the end falls into convenient formula and predictability

Depphead D (it) wrote: It was alright, just okay for a Sci Fi, really not that amazing, I personally could have thought of better ideas for some parts, most of it was either unneeded, or dumb the way it was. Ugh!

Javier M (it) wrote: I near-future action movie with a lot of gun-fight and fist-fight. But pretty boring.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Un film de action avec beaucoup de coups de feu et de poing dans un monde futuriste. De effets spciaux bien russi mais, quand mme, un film ennuyeux. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Me aburri bastante, muchos tiros, muchas hostias, buenos efectos especiales pero un coazo de guin.

Ciaran S (kr) wrote: Yeah, however this film is not the best film I've seen. the moments are engaging but the rest of the story is just lazy, the writing is dull, the animation is so cartoony, the character are sometimes easily forgettable (not to mention there's no villain to be seen). if this film never was funny I take this over to the Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs movies any day. feeling scary tonight ,at last watching a Sony film NEVER looked this bad

Ron H (nl) wrote: If these cowards had been in WW2, they would have been shot, dismembered, and then shot again. I only saw people that were a disgrace to the uniform. Thankfully we went to a volunteer force so only those that want to serve, serve. This collection of potheads and cry babies weren't nearly as bold or as outspoken as the director makes them out to be. Jane Fonda will forever live with the stain of her traiterous ways. Add Zeigler to the group.

Corey W (nl) wrote: Even Clint Eastwood, Robert Duvall, and a train crashing through a bar, this one feels a little uninspired compared to The Man with No Name trilogy that preceded it.

Ola G (it) wrote: The fearless gunslinger, Lucky Luke (Jean Dujardin), known to "draw faster than his shadow" is ordered by the President to bring law and order to Daisy Town with the help of his loyal talking horse, Jolly Jumper. On this journey he bumps into old enemies such as Billy The Kid (Michal Youn), Pat Poker (Daniel Prvost), Phil Defer (Claudio Weppler) and Jesse James (Melvil Poupaud). By his side is his beloved Belle (Alexandra Lamy) and the harsh Calamity Jane (Sylvie Testud). He will not only have to fight his enemies, but his own conscience as well...I red Lucky Luke as a kid and loved him and his adventures. At that point they put out a lot of animated films of his adventures which made sense. But, in the early 90s Terrence Hill (of some reason....) ended up as Lucky Luke in two live action movies that didn't carry very much resemblance with the cartoon itself. Thus, those ones are something to forget and deny. This version of "Lucky Luke" is however something very close to the cartoon. This live action version gives us a tone that fits, environments/landscapes that comes alive, it's slightly over the top (but it works), it has several classic Lucky Luke characters, great costumes/settings and with a storyline that still carries some level of emotional drama. It's a movie based on a cartoon, it should be taken for what it is. Dujardin is pretty good as Lucky Luke and the rest of the ensemble does a good job as well. I was positively surprised and I did enjoy watching "Lucky Luke".

Johnny L (nl) wrote: A romance flick that explores the interesting subject of angels of among us. Gets cheesy with the angel falling in love trope.

Kenneth L (gb) wrote: As time progresses so does the distinction fade between guilty target & innocent victim until all are suspect & every aggression excused as defense against hostiles.

Ms Amanda J (jp) wrote: By the late 90s, Eddie Murphy's talents were starting to wear out on screen. Holy Man is long and unfunny, and I kept wishing Eddie Murphy would save the movie but that never happens. However, Jeff Goldblum has some funny bits.

Dave S (ag) wrote: This is a campy low budget horror comedy. It was pretty fun though. Definitely a midnight movie. I liked the cast. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. The same guy that wrote Zoombies wrote this movie too. I liked this movie better than Zoombies though. This movie had a lot more nudity and a lot less shitty CGI. This is by no means an intelligent movie. But you have to take it for what it's worth, and as far as what this movie is I'm gonna have to say fresh. If you want a campy horror zombie movie to watch when you're stoned at midnight one night, then this movie is for you.