Dog Watch

Dog Watch

A San Francisco detective (Elliott) goes wild when he discovers his partner dead and the presumed culprit standing over him. After beating the man to death, he comes to his senses and ...

A San Francisco detective (Elliott) goes wild when he discovers his partner dead and the presumed culprit standing over him. After beating the man to death, he comes to his senses and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pamela D (jp) wrote: A neat concept about a tourist town helping itself to the sex and organs of its tourists is hampered by a dreadfully amateurish script and bad acting by a cast of adult film workers.

Melissa D (br) wrote: While I'm curious to know why this movie received so many bad reviews and was tagged as a major Hollywood flop, I definitely have my theories. While I missed the chance to see it on the Big Screen, after bringing it home on a movie rental night, I knew I had to buy it. My 4 year old & I were hooked! And I never even got tired of the multiple viewings that followed. Even if the "Mo Cap" computer graphics hadn't been this realistic yet non-creepy, the heart warming story line, direction and acting alone would still carry the movie, proving to at least 2 fans how much love & attention went into making this gem. So to all the black-balling powers-that-be who contributed their part to shoot this movie down (see Wikipedia) ... I say BOO!

Nat H (it) wrote: Great war story that fell through cinematographic mediocrity. Shame, as a greater cast, better photography and screenplay would do it so much more justice.Overall, disappointing direction.

Tricia W (it) wrote: Lame actors and a crappy ending.

Guy M (it) wrote: Been wanting to see this for years, was not disappointed in the slightest, what a shame it is the deranged bastard shot himself, Kurt Cobane; I personally don't care, Vivian Stanchel; Lets face it setting fire to your own house whilst inside it is a step sillier than reasonable. But I would have liked to meet Dr Thompson. It was a pleasure to watch one of the extras involving a brief discusion about his fried and attorney Oscar, the often alleged fictional Dr Gonzo. Worth a watch for even those with the most mild of interest in the good Docter. Very good indeed.

Dimetre A (de) wrote: A story exploring Adolf Hitler's artistic pursuits before he founded the Naxi party is an interesting and valid idea for a story. Unfortunately every actor in this movie has a different accent, and no attention has been paid to continuity. In the hands of a better director, this could have been something.

Megan G (de) wrote: Descent enough, but a bit predictable.

Jessica H (gb) wrote: It's lost some of its spunk.

Mary K (nl) wrote: This movie was albeit, a little cheesy at times, but overall it was moving, funny and a classic story of two girls and their friendship. Not an average young person's chick flick either, this movie touches on some serious issues such as alcoholism and child abuse. Worth a watch, for sure.

Jon P (us) wrote: Part poorly-shot pop video, part dreadful detective drama, Jack Bravman's hilariously bad horror is a cinematic catastrophe, stretching the boundaries of bad taste far beyond breaking-point.Questionable editing, ludicrously long takes and goofy continuity are outdone only by pathetic plotting and oh-so-lax direlogue, but not even ex-Batman Adam West can save the day in the genuine watchability department. Technically speaking, this isn't even a zombie movie, but one thing's for sure: it's definitely a nightmare. Unintentional comedy gold.

J D (ca) wrote: Pretty craptacular, but with a name like "Zombie Island Massacre", what did you expect? Spoiler ahead: ain't no zombies in this one. Just enough cheesy gore and cheesy lines to make it watchable and laughable. "Laughter is the best medicine. That's what it says in Reader's Digest."

Paisley D (jp) wrote: BLAHHHHH MUSHY LOOKIN. D:

Sally A (br) wrote: Abysmal. Why actors of this calibre were in such a horrendously bad film is beyond me. This is just bad slapstick, a very boring and messy film.

Shawn W (jp) wrote: Warren Oates stars as a cockfighter trainer who takes a vow of silence as he rebuilds his career after reckless behaviour cost him the sports highest honour, the Cockfighter of the Year medal. Not for PETA backers. Finally illegal in Georgia.

Jaya P (es) wrote: Love and bourgeoisie! What a classic film for Valentine's Day

Mary B (kr) wrote: A great twisted story with some great acting by Cruz and others. The plot could have been straightened out a bit to make it easier to follow and understand. I rate it five star.