In the fall of 1963, Eddie Birdlace is an 18-year-old Marine Corps volunteer who is about to ship out with three of his buddies for a tour of duty in Viet Nam. Planning a massive blowout for their last night in San Francisco, Eddie, his buddies, and a number of other Marines set up a contest they call a "dog fight."

The movie tells the story of four young Marines compete to see who can find the homliest date on their way to Vietnam. They play a dirty game called 'Dogfight': all of them seek a woman for a party, and who finds the most ugly one, wins a prize. And one of them ends up falling in love which the girl he found. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (br) wrote: Overall, Jolie has nothing to be embarrassed about and much of which to be proud with this movie. Even in moments where the film doesn't quite work, she shows ample evidence of ambition and a discerning director's eye.


Christopher S (de) wrote: I love the touching true sports films. This one makes my list!!

Akshay M (ru) wrote: Another fascinating film by Von trier, Dogville explores the disturbing truth of humanity. Most interesting thing about Dogville is that the whole movie is filmed on a theatre like set. Nicole Kidman was breathtaking as troubled daughter who runs away from her father who is a gangster, to start a good life but what happens to her in Dogville was inhuman. It starts very slowly on a very simple story but then halfway through it becomes really interesting and then we also realise what it is really about, some scenes may shock some viewers.

Pablo C (nl) wrote: Junto a Rodrigo D una de las mejores peliculas colombianas.

Chad M (us) wrote: ...I only saw it once... and it was during a time I REALLY wanted to tap... Sammy Davis Jr. is in it too.

Jeffrey A (nl) wrote: Crazy old school movie...

w m l (ru) wrote: Beautiful, but confusing and ambiguous at the same time.

Salah A (kr) wrote: The visual effects are far from bad, but the storytelling is far from great.

Abdulmalik A (gb) wrote: DeNiro can play a complete wimp and Murray can play a heavy--who knew?

Philip Z (es) wrote: I had more fun than I was expecting. This film received a total trashing by critics and audiences and while I can't say that I'm baffled by that, I can say that we might be looking at two different films. For a start, I've never seen the 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis original, so maybe that's why my opinion differs. Who knows maybe my opinion of this remake will lessen once I've seen that film, but for now, I'd say if you like thrillers and if you like Brittany Snow, you could do a lot worse than check out this movie.

Collin T (br) wrote: Extremely disappointed in this movie.