Doing Time on Maple Drive

Doing Time on Maple Drive

Dysfunctional family drama. Absent father, alcoholic brother Tim (Jim Carrey) try to cope with life. Fox movie of the week.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fight,   prayer,   engagement,  

Dysfunctional family drama. Absent father, alcoholic brother Tim (Jim Carrey) try to cope with life. Fox movie of the week. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abhishek A (kr) wrote: i had rotten tomatoes.........u also have...

Paul L (jp) wrote: this movie was actually pretty good,jcvd hasn't done a really good movie since in hell or replicant. hard target,universal soldiers,kickboxer and the quest are still his best though.

Brandon W (au) wrote: Coach Carter is a really great sports movie that I actually didn't really want to watch it. Samuel L. Jackson is amazing in this and really gives the movie a lot of fuel. The characters are great, and the chemistry between the coach and the players is very respectable and very enjoyable. The basketball scenes are exciting and gets you pumped up to want them to win. The acting from the players are really good, and the new actors for the players give out some emotional moments that people might tear up. I was a bit worried that it's just going to show one or two of the players about what's going on in there life that isn't basketball, but it does go through most of the players that made the film long, but it's parcels well and made the players memorable. The movie reminds me of Hoosiers a lot, but it never felt distracting to me as, unlike other formulaic sport films, this one actually had a heart, and has a lot of effort that is trying to get people to know a lot about what's going on in this true story.

jay m (ag) wrote: Very erotic and gross two thumbs down!

Armando N (au) wrote: Film que representa la dicotoma entre la cmara entrometida de Vinterberg y un guin metafrico e inteligente que recuerda a los primeros trabajos del gran Lars Von Trier. Un grupo de jvenes pacifistas se renen para (paradjicamente) compartir su gusto por las armas en una accin catrtica que generar inesperadas consecuencias. Jams se haba filmado un estudio tan estilizado y lcido sobre la cultura de las armas en Estados Unidos, con esa relacin amor-odio, aunado a la "necesidad" de portar un arma. Bellsima alegora sobre toda esa violencia contenida que en cualquier momento est expuesta a estallar...

Matthew L (br) wrote: Just because it came after the classics, which it was always being compared to, Brother Bear was a sadly overlooked and underrated film. The music was beautifully arranged, the animation was more than good, the voice acting was great, and the story was heartwarming and pulled at your heart strings at the same time. The story could've been spiced up a bit, but for the most part, it was very well arranged and a film for great family fun. 4.5/5

Luke H (nl) wrote: So it took me a few attempts to watch this film all the way through. For one reason. It's way too lowbrow for me. The first couple of times I just felt like my mind was melting watching Danny Dyer talk about absolute shite at the camera. But I persevered, and last night I watched the whole thing through. I have to admit, it actually starts off really well, and I thought, "hey, this is good, why didn't I like it to begin with?" The politics behind the first half an hour or so, being very anti-establishment, appealed to me. But unfortunately, after the first half an hour, it just trails off into drug induced ramblings and boring scenes of drugged up idiots being drugged up idiots. On top of that, the acting isn't great, and the characters are extremely annoying, and ultimately, their lives were rather pitiful and depressing. So overall, it starts off well, but in the end, it is just a poor man's Trainspotting.

Alec B (mx) wrote: The twist at the end isn't all that chilling, frankly it's forced and a little excessive. It's a shame because this may be Spacey's best "shouting egomaniac" performance.

Kayla O (ru) wrote: Fuckin movie Scared the Shit out of me... I cant even have toys Sitting out anymore LOL

Michael W (jp) wrote: Ruthless Middle East dictator underestimates an 18 year-old flyboy after capturing and imprisoning his US pilot father. If Doug Masters were a little older, the Iran Hostage Crisis may have lasted only four days instead of 444. Ludicrous.

Christopher L (es) wrote: "You wanna see Debbie?"

Emod L (br) wrote: 53%The devil is in the details in this inconsistently filmed, choppily edited, yet surprisingly coherent horror film with only few scares, but not entirely devoid of entertainment overall.

Richard B (br) wrote: Sweet, funny, extremely laid-back and goofy

Tero H (us) wrote: The film is trying to do with Vampire Lovers what Prince of Darkness did with The Horror of Dracula back in the 50's. Doesn't work. The plot is almost a copy of the first movie, with similar characters, similar turns of story, but only so much simpler and poorer. The effects are obvious low-budget, with red paint for blood and the occational wax dolls. The film has been oddly edited, in some scenes one may see how the person is walking in the late evening darkness and goes into a restaurant, and when inside, one may clearly see how sun is shining through the windows and doorways. And one was wondering, since when can old-style vampires walk in broad daylight, have a crush on mortals and smile warmly? Since this movie, probably. The storytelling is predictable and not very original. What is going to happen, is rather easy to guess before midway to the film. The movie does have some nice things which prevent it becoming a complete disaster, such as well-thought of sets and the music, which is actually quite atmospheric. The acting is very nice, and one may observe how the actors and actresses try their best. It's just that the film is over all so very silly, that even nice, sincere try on the part of the actors is not enough from saving it from sinking into the mire of low-budget studio horror. Not very good as a vampire film, but nice 19th century horror-drama from the 70's with a low-budget feeling and sequel mentality to it..

Anna N (es) wrote: Classified as a classic = Interested.

Jonathan P (fr) wrote: Edge of Darkness has a moment where the curiosity of the script grabs the viewer but when the reveal is finally shown it is such a let down that it almost destroys the film entirely.