Dolan's Cadillac

Dolan's Cadillac

A young man attempts to seek to avenge his wife's death after she is murdered by a Las Vegas mobster.

A young man attempts to seek to avenge his wife's death after she is murdered by a Las Vegas mobster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike L (mx) wrote: This was the last Oscar nominated foreign film to see. What an interesting selection of films.This is the first film from the country of Georgia and is set in Georgia in the early 1990's during a war I wasn't familiar. The tangerine farmer takes in two wounded soldiers from each side of the conflict, Georgian and Abkhazian and nurses them back to health. This universal story of the folly of war could be set anywhere and any time. Again, this is why I love movies.

Liranda C (it) wrote: Waste of my time really. Lame one!

Mark W (kr) wrote: very good doc on a the godfather of beatnick / pop performance art in NYC in the 50-70s.

Ethan D (ru) wrote: I randomly clicked on this on TV. It was VERY cheesy and could be improved in the acting department, BUT it was very thrilling too.

Ryan C (au) wrote: "Million Dollar Baby" is beyond your average underdog boxing movie thanks to not only an emotionally deep script, but great direction and acting from Clint Eastwood as well as fantastic performances by Morgan Freeman and Hilary Swank.

Victor F (ru) wrote: Entertaining with pretty cool performances from Lai and Ng.

michael p (kr) wrote: great premise. loved this movie.

Jordan J (it) wrote: For an iconic horror movie Friday the 13th, you have to expect sequels, and a lot of them. Jason X is what happens when you make too many sequels. This movie is extremely cheesy. Imagine alien with Jason instead mixed up with Star Wars. Yeah, you get no good results. This movie is really just a slaughter fest. This movie is better than other horror sequels that we've seen, but that doesn't make this movie good. This movie is just so bad, I want to like this movie but there is just no value. The only good part is that Jason is dead until a remake for now. 2.5/10 Pros: Good comedy Cons: Bad storyline and plot, no suspense, no jumpscares, makes no absolute sense

Sui G (au) wrote: I haven't ever seen this movie all the way through.

Anna C (ca) wrote: What does it mean "unrated"? is it a joke? this movie is not scary, not violent, there's one erotic scene between girls, but very caste... and the story is just boring, the cast is terrible and so is directing... the only goos thing is the location, really a beautiful place, obviously copied from Twilight.

Alex r (mx) wrote: Manhattan Baby has been unfairly criticized for being one of Lucio Fulci's worst movies. Although far from perfect, this is nonetheless a pretty good effort that delivers some pretty effective thrills. I believe that one of the reasons that this film has received such negativity among genre fans is that this film departs from Fulci's previous efforts and he does something different. The film does have some gore, but it's very minimal compared to others in his filmography. The film relies on atmosphere to create terror, and even if it's not Fulci's finest work, this is among his most underrated. Manhattan Baby is a film that I would recommend more to the diehard Fulci fan. If you're just getting into his work, you may not want to start here. The film boasts an interesting plot, but one that definitely left a lot of room for improvement. Though I enjoyed the film, the film should have been better due to the fact that it boasted an interesting concept a terrific sense of atmosphere. In terms of what you'd expect from a Fulci film, you won't be disappointed, as this one still boasts plenty of bizarre and eccentric moments to thrill the diehard Fulci fans. If you're simply a casual fan, you may want to pass up on this; only the most demanding fan of Fulci's work will enjoy it, and appreciate its supernatural terror. This is a worthwhile film to view, especially if you enjoy his work, and though it is not perfect, it still is a well crafted film that has everything you'd expect from a Fulci film. Manhattan Baby is an underrated gem, that deserves to be seen and enjoyed for what it is, a supernatural nightmare, which is what Fulci accomplished even if it doesn't live up to The Beyond.

Deadly V (us) wrote: Beautiful But Lacking Something

Gordon B (us) wrote: This movie is nasty, silly,& cheap and if you're a fan of 80s horror films you wouldn't have it any other way

Troy K (gb) wrote: Mid budget B flick? Not too bad, but not good either.

Aidan W (gb) wrote: Dumb as a box of rocks and not quite as much fun.

Christopher L (kr) wrote: I liked it, and would see it again, but there are many much better animated films out there.