Amar lives a middle-class life in India with his oft-critical dad, Basantlal and his mom, a housewife. When Basantlal decides to get Amar married to Ramprasad's daughter, Amar accepts this. However, on the day of the wedding, Ramprasad is arrested by the police for embezzling Rs.20,000/- from his employer, he is tried in court and sentenced to a long prison term. Then Amar meets with a lovely young woman named Asha and both of them fall in love with each other. They would like to get married and want each other to meet their respective families. Before that could happen, a shocked Amar sees Asha holding hands and being intimate with his U.S.-returned friend, Prem Kumar. Looks like Amar's heart is going to get broken, and by the looks of things, marriage may not be in his fate after all.

Amar lives a middle-class life in India with his oft-critical dad, Basantlal and his mom, a housewife. When Basantlal decides to get Amar married to Ramprasad's daughter, Amar accepts this.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Doli torrent reviews

Eric E (it) wrote: I like the genre, but this was just a terrible movie on every level.

Cedric L (br) wrote: The Golden Globes are such snobs to ignore this.

Dave R (br) wrote: Well it was pretty dumb movie I gotta say B movie all the way that's for sure wasn't that good at all super cheesy

David B (de) wrote: One of the reasons I see a division of the critics of this movie is that it is subliminally Christian. To non-Christians the story of Jesus seems illogical because it doesn't make sense that someone can pay for another's sins. Along these same lines of logic, improving other people's lives doesn't justify suicide, thus the end of both stories doesn't make sense. However, lots of my very Christian friends love this movie. They say it's one of the best movies to portray redeeming love. In the movie not only do Tim's actions make sense but they are some of the ultimate acts of love, e.g. laying down one's own life for the sake of friends.

Javier Ignacio C (jp) wrote: Me divierto, no son peliculas que me llamen la atencin, pero me mantuvo entretenido e interesado en la pelcula y un final muy gracioso y muy perro tambien.

The F (gb) wrote: Another must have DVD!!

Taryn F (jp) wrote: Very good movie, really enjoyed it!

David D (it) wrote: Reasonably entertaining

Jonathan D (au) wrote: Michelle Pfeiffer is surprisingly good as is Alison Lohman. But too much happens, it's not believable.

Richard T (ag) wrote: Too much 'snow' and not enough 'beast' (but just the right amount of Bo Svenson).

Kathleen O (ca) wrote: Brandon is at the top of his game is the love story dealing was racism in the military are Red Buttons, Miko Taka and Miyoshi. James Garner also has a great supporting role.

Greg W (fr) wrote: pitts+patsy=hilarious

Brett H (kr) wrote: MacGruber is the hysterical big-screen adaptation of the SNL character, played brilliantly by funny-man, Will Forte which is a play on the super-spy, MacGyver with the difference being that MacGruber is an idiot and his inventions make no sense! The story follows MacGruber getting a team together to battle his arch nemesis, Dieter Von Cunth...(the joke writes itself), played perfectly by Val Kilmer who's clearly having a blast being a part of the madness. The film also stars Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillippe as MacGruber's back-up team after something tragic, but hilarious, happens to the last team, and they bring a great dynamic to the proceedings. This is the directorial debut of SNL alum and Lonely Island member, Jorma Taccone, who also co-wrote the film, and his sense of comic timing and no-holds-barred, R-rated approach help elevate the material drastically. MacGruber is just plain FUNNY and for every joke that doesn't land, there's 3 or 4 more sight gags that really do, even if they are extremely immature. This is one of the best SNL-adapted films to date, in the same company as Wayne's World, A Night at the Roxbury, and The Blues Brothers and if you don't laugh at the cemetery sex scene...we can't be friends.

bill s (fr) wrote: You look forward to a movie with two great actors going at one another and then they feed you this slop....son of a.....