Dombivli Fast

Dombivli Fast

A common man fights against the corruption and injustice happening around him.

A common man fights against the corruption and injustice happening around him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ette S (es) wrote: Not my type of comedy, but good for the genre

Panta O (gb) wrote: This film reminded me on my high-school days when we were looking for crazy and shallow movies with lots of funny situations in impossible surrounding... and they will still remind us on someone while raising a middle finger to all the "traditional values" which everyone is preaching... The dysfunctional Burnett family - Bunnie, Jack and their twin 17 year olds Eric and Kelly - were perfect set up for that type of movies... especially when a freak accident leaves Bunnie with a case of amnesia! There are all kinds of twists in this comedy in which Burnetts get an unexpected second chance at happiness. We have a slew of past relationships, kids with guns, a suicidal lesbian teacher, a very zealous gun loving preacher, misinterpreted advances, corporate down-sizing, and one fateful squirrel... they together create enough mayhem to test the resolve, sanity and future of any family, and make you laugh - at least a little bit! Cast includes Hope Davis (Bunnie Burnett), Dermot Mulroney (Jack Burnett), Max Thieriot (Eric Burnett), Britt Robertson (Kelly Burnett), Chi McBride (Simon Krebs), Evan Ross (Josh Krebs), Keith Carradine (Reverend Diggs), Madeline Zima (Mitzy Steinbacher) but most of the time they could not show what are they capable of under the director Vivi Friedman's leadership.

Marsha C (fr) wrote: I'm an old lady and don't like violence, gore, and the typical American movies so I found this charming and entertaining all the way through.

TJ S (de) wrote: joe and christian slater good 1-2- combo

Thomas K (fr) wrote: This may be the most unusual thing any of us will ever see in our life times; A good Steven Seagal film. In fact if Seagal hadn't been in it then it would have been a great action film, period.

Olivier G (mx) wrote: A very powerful, efficient and subtle analysis on violence and human condition, that has unfairly been forgotten over the years. Welles deemed it "the best war film about the ordinary enlisted man since All Quiet on the Western Front". Peckinpah's pushes his analysis through originally archetypal characters who quickly appear in fact, as nuanced, conflicted human beings. A must see feature, that probably influenced Oliver Stone's Platoon (1986).

Nathan N (br) wrote: If you have ever thought "I wish the LSD sequance from 'Easy Rider' was a whole movie" then "Pick-up" is for you.

Luke W (ag) wrote: I came upon this film from a Siskel & Ebert special in which they reviewed overlooked movies from the 1970s, and while I found the performances to be strong, the story seemed more like a real-life event instead of something cinematic. For instance, the titular clockmaker does not attempt to talk to his son after he has killed a man, instead preferring to let the police arrest him before approaching his son. In a film, he would have rushed to his son in a heartbeat because that is what a movie requires of its characters. Instead, we have a very ponderous film that has the clockmaker glumly walking through the streets while occasionally talking with the police chief or someone tenuously connected to his son. You might enjoy the film more than I did, but then again that's the great thing about art, its subjectivity.

Omar R (fr) wrote: oh this was crap man .... utterly painful it felt like it was a cheap makeover of spiderman .... which by the way wasnt too great either

Bradley H (jp) wrote: Even a lesser Douglas Sirk film is a thousand times greater than most others. This delicious concoction is slight on plot development, but jammed packed with deeper meaning than its artificial settings and performances might suggest. The entire cast is in top form here, with particularly good turns by Robert Stack and Dorothy Malone.

Mark L (us) wrote: I heard it wasn't that good, but Michel Gondry? I have to see it

Luke P (br) wrote: The Vampire Academy series written by Richelle Mead is one of my favourite book series of all time. This adaptation suffers from miscasting, poor acting, and weak script. I hope Vampire Academy will get its second chance like City of Bones did through its reboot, the TV show, Shadowhunters.

Kevin S (ag) wrote: Big Jake is the Incredible western about a group of outlaws who target this house with a big family and kill most of them and runaway kidnapping a young boy. The family is the McCandles. The mother has the law go after them but figures that ain't even enough so she calls upon Big Jake McCandles, her husband who she hasn't seen in 18 years. One of the victims shot but still alive is one of his sons. And the kid kidnapped is his grandson. Along with Jake is his Indian scout Sam who go by horseback to find the criminals while the law ride in their rickety vehicles. Along with them are his other two sons who at first have issues with their dad. If you are wanting to watch a John Wayne movie for the first time I suggest this should be one of the first you watch.This is one of the best ones. Of course all of his movies are awesome. John Wayne is so cool in this movie delivering both a little comedy and yet is serious and full of action. It's one of many of his great performances. It's exciting, entertaining, and choked with great action. My favorite western so far.

Jarryd R (mx) wrote: wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!

Russ B (gb) wrote: 9/26/2012: Just ok. Nothing memorable or great about it.