Don 2

Don 2

An international gangster turns himself in, then dramatically escapes - only to face treachery and betrayal.

An international gangster turns himself in, then dramatically escapes - only to face treachery and betrayal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (kr) wrote: "Without Tits There Is No Paradise" is the title translated. The story is based on a young girl, Catalina, who lives in Pereira (Colombia) and becomes obsessed with getting breast implants in order to overcome poverty. Catalina decides to become a "prepago" (prepaid), a prostitute who has sex with drug traffickers in exchange for gifts, money and social status.The movie is based on the best-selling novel with the same name written by Gustavo Bolivar. It was successfully turned into a Colombia series then it was secondly adapted in Spain and finally in USA. I didn't get to watch any of the series' adaptations but I remember all the people talking about how good it was. Only the Colombian and USA adaptation were aired in the cable of my country. The movie is not bad but the major problem with it is that it seems they tried take too much of the story to the big screen because it is too rushed, packed and abruptly edited in parts that I felt I was watching a summary though it was a pretty entertaining and with a good ending.Decent summary of a successful story.

Sean C (nl) wrote: Maggis Smith is always a joy to watch, elegant even playing sozzled. Here she plays a romantic novelist who provides home to others that suffered in the same train terrorist attack she surived. This leads to her trying to bond with the uncle of a young girl she has taken under her wing only to find him a complete arsehole. Chris Cooper excels as the arsehole in question without ever being repellant enough to make you wanna switch off. The fact that such a drama is clothed in such exquisite locations and colours helps make My House in Umbria a class affair where even the child actor doesnt irk.

Justin O (es) wrote: You'd have to be crazy to even decide "Hey, I wanna watch this". If this was you, I suggest suicide.

Bradley P (es) wrote: A wannabe Rambo film that is beyond stupid, What a piece of shit.

Diana P (ca) wrote: I saw this movie years ago. I forgot how good it was. Eric Roberts is so slimy and creepy in his role as Dorothy Stratten's husband Paul Snider it gave me the chills.

Orlok W (mx) wrote: Before there was Frankenstein, there was the Golem--Masterwork of Early Cinema... Surreal and bizarre!!

Brittany K (it) wrote: let's put this plain and simple..... IT STUNK XP

Chemi G (gb) wrote: Una de las peores peliculas de John Ford, ni siquiera la actuacion de Hepburn puede salvar el torpe guion y puesta en escena

Michael L (fr) wrote: oh what could have been. von stroheim has yet another trunacted masterpiece. has he created anything that exists in full and as he intended? maybe its better that his mad genius was edited. anyway, the movie as it exists is maybe a 3 star deal but the movie+commentary+deleted footage is 4 stars at least