Don Camillo in Moscow

Don Camillo in Moscow

The village of mayor Peppone and Don Camillo, after much dispute, gets assigned a sister village in Russia. When Peppone and his comrades decide to attend the ceremony on the other side of the iron curtain, Don Camillo wants to join. Peppone is strictly against this but after Don Camillo threatens him to disclose information about an earlier side step the mayor agrees. Don Camillo arranges for false papers: He is now comrade Tarocci. Only Peppone and the other villagers know who he really is. In Russia the agenda includes various cultural events: Ballet, Opera, a fishing competition and various parties...

The village of mayor Peppone and Don Camillo, after much dispute, gets a assigned a sister village in Russia. When Peppone and his comrades decide to attend the ceremony on the other side ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felipe F (es) wrote: Undeniably flawed, but it has enough heart and action to keep one entretained.

shishir a (us) wrote: innocent movie...rare

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Steven K (nl) wrote: best movie I've ever seen

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