Don Erre que erre

Don Erre que erre

Don Rodrigo goes to the bank and when he is going to take his money there is a robbery. Then the bank refuses to give him his money back (257 pesetas, a small amount of money) with the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vane L (au) wrote: I truly wanted to enjoy this film, but was very disappointed. I love musicals and I have this strange idea that they should be performed by singers and dancers. I respect that Ryan Gosling worked very hard so he could appear as if he were playing the piano, but his singing voice is terrible. Emma Stone was slightly better (especially in the audition song), but not amazing. There are better singers in the shows on cruise ships. In the heyday of the hollywood musical, the two "stars" would have been dubbed.Similarly, the dancing was OK, but not world-class. At a time when musicals are rare - why not get the best musical talent?

Lane Z (au) wrote: The Edge of Seventeen brings us a coming-of-age story for Hailee Steinfeld's Nadine, a 17-year-old high schooler stuck between a rock and a hard place with family, love and life issues. The full gambit. So while the end result is certainly nothing new we haven't seen before, the witty script, terrific acting and overall feel-good setting give us a better-than-average drama.Steinfeld came to life on the silver screen almost a decade ago in True Grit. Since then, for me, she's been relatively quiet. It may be time to start giving the 21-year-old more leading roles. She owes the biting performance to the writing team. Steinfeld plays the part of the aloof teenager who thinks her whole world is spiraling out of control just because of some life-changing events, the most notable for her at the time being her best friend dating her brother. It's what adds some realism to an otherwise made-up story. The Edge of Seventeen succeeds because everything happening to Nadine feels totally real. First time director Kelly Fremon Craig nails just about every subtle nuance of the teenage plight I'm sure every high schooler can attest to experiencing.Our supporting cast is strengthened by a subtle performance from Woody Harrelson and Kyra Sedgwick so as to not overshadow Steinfeld's performance. This is her vehicle. Harrelson and Sedgwick only add the heft needed to put this film above the average mark to see if Steinfeld can elevate it to something better than just 'good'. What struck me the most about this movie was the weird blending of what felt like a 1970's setting in a clearly modern timeline. Whether it was the clothing, cars or objects, it just felt like we were nestled in a part of the States that was quaint reserved that should only be poked and prodded by Nadine's restlessness.The Edge of Seventeen doesn't quite match up to other young-adult rated-R movies in the same department, but it certainly acts as a driver for this young actress to show she's got acting chops. At a brisk 98 minutes, it's well worth the viewing for an added pep to your step. Perhaps you had it better or worse when you were in her shoes.

Marta R (kr) wrote: Disturbing... i hope, more unrealistic than what it shows.... definitely made me feel uncomfortable.....

Alexander C (jp) wrote: waste and done before bore, watch if you like crap like this...

James H (mx) wrote: 6.5/10. Funny low budget horror spoof, sort of a redneck Shaun of the Dead. Some very amusing moments. The cast seems to be enjoying themselves and do a good job. I thought it was very enjoyable.

Robert H (ag) wrote: EIGHT BELOW is another film in a genre that Disney does rather well: animal survival. It isn't anything too original, but it still works as entertainment. The human cast all give good performances, but the animals are the real stars. Even when the plot goes through the usual motions, the dialogue-free scenes of the dogs in the Antarctic wild (and the beautiful landscapes) are reason enough to see this. Recommended especially for families with young children, and dog-lovers.

Josep P (it) wrote: Bloody Sunday [2002]

Josas G (ag) wrote: Los personajes principales son inverosmiles y la adaptacin muy malograda no debieron invertir los gneros de los protagonistas.

Lee M (br) wrote: Complex characterization makes Clockwatchers a far more interesting picture than it would have been as a simple, breezy comedy.

Tyler R (fr) wrote: Terribly unfunny movie with total toilet humor and the iq of a ant.

Julien C (ag) wrote: Abel Ferrara's little masterpiece.

Michael W (es) wrote: This is like a series of rough sketches that are never funny and don't make sense. A really bad attempt here, no idea what they were after.

Brian S (ca) wrote: I do have to say that for a minuscule $15,000, it's impressive, but still, there are a lot of super boring and long scenes in this movie and the shaky camera will fucking give you head pains. The scares, especially during the last 5 minutes, are indeed disturbing, and the acting is very believable. Overall, it's alright, but it's not a great move either, it's just okay.