Don King: Only in America

Don King: Only in America

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A cinematic portrait of the famous fight promoter and boxing manager. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Don King: Only in America torrent reviews

Alessandro S (gb) wrote: It keeps the skeletons well hidden in the closet, but there are great stories in here

Luca D (ca) wrote: Il film si apre con una scena che mi ricordava (seppur fosse solo un leggero rimando) alla prima scena de "I Vitelloni", penso che la cosa sia voluta dal regista. Per il resto il film si dipana come molti altri film italiani: una storia lunga che abbraccia pi generazioni e che parla, niente di pi e niente di meno, che della vita di ognuno di noi. A mio avviso la sceneggiatura non abbastanza "forte" per far s che questo film sia veramente bello, per alla fine non dispiace.

Hannah M (br) wrote: A surprisingly touching story. Short and sweet, ultimately sad but redeeming with some truly inspiring, humorous moments. Watch it.

Greg W (fr) wrote: interesting character study

WK J (nl) wrote: It must be better than The Hunger.

Anya S (es) wrote: This was a shot in the dark for me, and I will say that I loved it! Every story that was integrated into the movie had its own personality and really helped to show what families go through. Death of family members, lying, frustration, love, ...etc. No one is perfect and no family is either.

Joey Q (it) wrote: A childhood favorite for most my age. I do wonder how much would have been changed if this movie had been made in today's "politically correct" soft society

Grant K (es) wrote: Redford is multilayered, menacing yet suave and sweet, Harrelson is decent and showcases real pain. Moore is... Moore. Three actors giving their all are let down by atrocious, soap opera style cinematography, a dumb, illogical, unoriginal and cringe worthy script, (with atrocious dialogue and incessant narration), and an overall sense that nobody but the actors care. An awful, awful misfire.

Adrienne K (gb) wrote: I am the king of the world. The boss of the boys and girls. You can live 'til a hundred and ten. If you listen to what I said.

Robert H (ca) wrote: Ebert, a great champion of this flick, finds it simple and poetic. I'm afraid I find it simplistic and trite - even amateurish.

Jim S (gb) wrote: Interesting mystery/suspense thriller. Typical anti-American premise. Worth a watch once, but I probably won't see it again.

Walter V (ru) wrote: excellent wish I was in the audience