Don Mendo Rock ¿La venganza?

Don Mendo Rock ¿La venganza?


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Don Mendo Rock ¿La venganza? torrent reviews

Anthony V (de) wrote: A step above sequels. There's a cargo of gore here and there and very inventive killings but not for the weaklings. Decent story. A-cut-above acting. An overall entertainingly bloody-disgustingly amazing watch! 4.2 out of 5 stars! :)

Shady R (kr) wrote: XD Great freaking movie!!! I loved it Leon is awesome

Drake M (it) wrote: lil b did one of the songs

James J (ca) wrote: i loved this film matt goss was great and the story was very intresting ill give it a 7/10

Abid H (au) wrote: Top performances from naseeruddin and arshad, and even Vidya puts in a decent performance for a change! story iz ok and keeps u entertained. so funny at times - that's the best bit of the filum, arshad and naseer are hilarious and make a fab duo.

Kaitlyn J (br) wrote: bad storyline. cheesy special effects.

Gabriel T (de) wrote: The Boxtrolls represents a mayor downgrade from previous Laika offerings. Although it has the charm to make us like the characters and the great animation we have come to expect from Laika, it is far from being the best film Laika has given us, which to this date I still think is Coraline. Overall, you just can't help that while watching this film( in a teenager point-of-view), that you just want to stop watching the film, because it is kind of nonsense, and is a film that was made to show off the mastery of the animation that Laika has, but with that, an absurd story was made, making this film watchable just because of the animation or to just watch with kids. Negatives aside, you still can kind of watch it, it's just that you won't get the great storytelling we had with ParaNorman and Coraline.

Ian Y (de) wrote: Hungarian melodrama set against the 1956 uprising, with a somewhat unlikely love story as a subplot. Enjoyable, however, and holds attention well.

Trouser J (jp) wrote: Straight-to-DVD material, with some forgettable acting and a predictable storyline, but the odd moment of suspense.

Konrad R (kr) wrote: Not very brilliant, a bit too teary sometimes, still quite good movie and definitely recommended if you want to take a break from all the h(b)(n)ollywood cliches, I was concerned that this movie might be a bit too depressive but it is not.

steffen a (mx) wrote: Serenity / Firefly is completely amazing. The movie wrapped up a bunch of loose ends from the tv show. If you haven't had a chance to watch Firefly it is on Netflix and Amazon prim. It's different then your typical scifie with good humor and action. Watch it you won't be disappointed.

Martin T (gb) wrote: An atypical Bunuel, although it does contain a healthy dose of his cynicism, and a priest character much like the one in Nazarin. It's an action/drama, not bad but not that great. I didn't find much of interest here besides some role reversals and a touch of moral ambiguity. It didn't seem to have much point to it beyond being a bummer.

Megs M (es) wrote: very very poweful and good representation of reality and what these soliders had to face - great movie!