Don Quijote cabalga de nuevo

Don Quijote cabalga de nuevo

A new vision of the Knight of the sad figure, which lives obsessed by the chivalry and its codes of honor. Accompanied by his unusual squire Sancho Panza, Don Quixote recalls some of the adventures they've shared.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

A new vision of the Knight of the sad figure, which lives obsessed by the chivalry and its codes of honor. Accompanied by his unusual squire Sancho Panza, Don Quixote recalls some of the adventures they've shared. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff R (it) wrote: Really outside the box movie! It may be way diffrent from the book, but still enjoyable. Way better than Diary of a wimpy kid the book and movie.

Bianca R (us) wrote: Damn that shit even sounds like it sucks

Maximiliano D (ca) wrote: Thor : The Dark World. This film is the next installment in the Marvel Avengers universe and how does it add to the franchise. Not bad not bad at all, but also not a great addition to the franchise. There are some things that I really liked about this film and there are some things that I did not like at all. First lets talk about the pros of this film and some of the performances that I actually liked. I really liked the much darker tone that this film took when comparing it to the avengers and the first thor film. The films dark tone combined with some awesome special effects make for a great visual film. Chris Hemsworth is good as Thor once again but Tom Hiddleston as Loki is arguably much superior in this film. As for the cons, well, this film has a dark tone but has so much bland and forced humor that is not funny. Literally every other scene is just an isolated scene featuring a cheesy one liner or a unnecessary situational humor situation that is just so forced and bad. It happens all throughout this film. Kat Dennings is in this film and is even more annoying in this film than in the first one, I hate her character, she has no purpose in this film at all and her assistant/love interest also serves no purpose to this film in anyway. My last complaint with this film is the villain is just not menacing at all, he just feels like he is there because there has to be an antagonist or else thor wouldnt have anybody to swing his hammer at. In the end Thor : The Dark World is a solid addition to this franchise but does nothing to make the franchise better either and will not convert any newcomers to fans, but if your a fan of the avengers universe then this film is for you.

SeTo M (ru) wrote: (C),,?? 1/2

Ana B (es) wrote: A man that has memory problems as a result of a concussion decides to visit his uncle that is having signs of dementia but doesn't want to go into assisted living. This movie should have been a reflection about the importance of memories and independent life but it ends up being a film about crazy collectors and the non-sensical money. Way too much emphasis goes into that baseball card and we learn very little about how loss of memories hopelessly leads to the erosion of feelings and personality. It starts quite well but it declines as it goes by, and at the end I couldn't work out exactly what is at stake here.

Allison M (it) wrote: Watched this bc Nick remembered liking it years ago so he bought it and made me watch it.... Will never watch again, but I hafta say I did watch it all the way thru.... Which is pretty impressive bc I fall asleep the the majority of the time (especially during bad movies). I was creeped out by many parts of this movie, I think I was even more creeped out that my bf liked this enough to purchase it! Haha. But, if the synopsis sounds interesting to u--- check it out.... Some people really enjoyed it!

Bernie M (br) wrote: I liked it about as much as the first. The action was better, but the plot and acting were worse. Overall good for a Seagal movie.

Sarah P (au) wrote: Horrible movie complete with horrible acting - seems more like a school play than a film. The decision to go to war has never been so uninteresting.

Andy S (it) wrote: Such a great movie. Every CEO and owner of a company should watch this

Adam R (es) wrote: Top 5 baseball movies of all time

Luc L (ca) wrote: A realistic approach about a May-December relationship and different cultures.

John F (au) wrote: It's rare for a screenplay to capture even the gist of great literature, much less the nuances. Film just doesn't have time for these niceties. Elmer Gantry is the exception - a fine attempt at transcribing Sinclair Lewis to the screen. And wonderful performances by Lancaster, Simmons, Kennedy, and Jones. Many reviewers will stop short and revel in the hypocrisy of the Babbitts and the Gantrys - religion is a popular target these days. But the real axis of the movie is Arthur Kennedy's "thinking man" - Jim Lefferts - who warns of the con of "Revivalism" but who grows to like Gantry and Sister Falconer (loosely based on the evangelist Amy Semple McPherson). Their message of faith and idealism actually resonates with Lefferts' intellectual bent, but as he so sadly states "I'd love to believe in it - but I don't" Shirley Jones may have the most significant role of the movie. The prostitute's forgiveness of Gantry in the face of Public censure is the embodiment of the Christian principles that Gantry and Sister Falconer have been preaching, and her plight affords Gantry the redemption he has been seeking all along, freeing him to go on with his life and "Put away Childish things." There is nothing easy in EG - all characters are 3-dimensional with equal parts good and evil, pride and despair. A simply fabulous movie, with no compromise of ideas or integrity. Hard to write a review - you need to see it!

Joshua L (es) wrote: The story wasnt great, the acting was good. The movie itself is very well made and is good at being creepy as fuck which what i enjoyed most about the movie.

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (gb) wrote: A real good movie, and very long also, think it was a little over 2 hours, but it's really good! SEE IT IF YOU HAVEN'T!

David F (ca) wrote: Morgan freeman is a badasssssss muthafucka in this flick.